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CD3 Doors DownAway From The Sun  Republic records6,00
CD3 Doors DownSeventeen Days  Republic records6,00
CDAHi-Fi Serious  London6,00
CDAdams, BryanInto The Fire  A & M, co5,00
CDAdams, BryanReckless  A & M5,00
CDAirPocket Symphony  Virgin6,00
CDAirTalkie Walkie  Virgin6,00
CDAll Time HighFriends In High Places  Small Stone records8,00
CDAllman Brothers BandBrothers And Sisters  Polydor6,00
CDAllman Brothers BandClassic  Polydor6,00
CDAmerican Hi-FiSame  Island, digipack6,00
CDAmos, ToriAmerican Doll Posse  Epic, CD+DVD8,00
CDAmos, ToriBoys For Pele  Eastwest6,00
CDAmos, ToriCollection - Tales Of a Librarian  Atlantic8,00
CDAmos, ToriFrom The Choirgirl Hotel  Atlantic6,00
CDAmos, ToriLive At Montreux 1991/1992  Eagle records6,00
CDAmos, ToriScarlet's Walk  Epic6,00
CDAmos, ToriStrange Little Girls  Atlantic6,00
CDAmos, ToriWelcome To Sunny Florida  Epic, CD+DVD6,00
CDAmplified HeatIn For Sin  Arclight records8,00
CDAnimal AlphaYou Pay For The Whole Seat...  Racing Junior7,00
CDAnimalsLive At The Club a Go Go  Music Options6,00
CDAnimalsOriginal Hits  Disky4,00
CDApseSpirit  Acuarela discos8,00
CDArkPrayer For The Weekend  Roxy recordings8,00
CDArkState Of The Ark  Virgin7,00
CDArrested DevelopmentAmong The Trees  Edel records, 2-CD10,00
CDAsh1977  Borderline5,00
CDAshMeltdown  Infectious records, 2-CD8,00
CDAshbury FaithAdrenalin  Columbia6,00
CDAstralasiaThe Hawkwind Re-mixes  Voiceprint8,00
CDAudioslaveOut Of Exile  Epic6,00
CDAudioventDirty Sexy Knights In Paris  Atlantic5,00
CDAufidenaZ80  Ash Tree records7,00
CDAutumnblazeThe Mute Sessions  Prophecy, digipack8,00
CDAvalistThe Entire Silence  Alice In, M-CD5,00
CDBaby MammothBest Foot Forward  Pork recordings7,00
CDBaby WoodroseDropout!  Bad Afro records10,00
CDBackyard BabiesPeople Like People Like People Like Us  RCA6,00
CDBackyard BabiesSame (2008)  Spinefarm8,00
CDBad CompanyStraight Shooter - remastered  Swan Song6,00
CDBad WizardSophisticated Mouth  Tee Pee records8,00
CDBaker, ChetSings  Not Now music, 3-CD7,00
CDBandCahootsJapan Capitol, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDBand Of HorsesEverything All The Time  Sub Pop6,00
CDBangMusic  Svart records, digipack7,00
CDBanhart, DevendraSmokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon  XL recordings, bookcover6,00
CDBanks, PaulBanks  Matador records, digipack10,00
CDBarclay James HarvestFace To Face  Polydor6,00
CDBarclay James HarvestTheir First Album  Harvest6,00
CDBardot, BrigitteB.B. Master Serie Vol. 1  Universal5,00
CDBardot, BrigitteB.B. Master Serie Vol. 2  Universal5,00
CDBargain MusicThe Magic Is Over  Beatville8,00
CDBeck, JeffBest Of Beck  Epic6,00
CDBeck, JeffGuitar Legends  EMI5,00
CDBeck, JeffOriginal Album Series  Epic, 5-CD12,00
CDBerry, ChuckRoll Over Beethoven  Success4,00
CDBerry, ChuckThe Anthology  MCA, 2-CD8,00
CDBeta BandHeroes To Zeros  EMI6,00
CDBeta BandHot Shots II  Regal recordings6,00
CDBiffy ClyroOpposites  14th Floor records8,00
CDBig WreckIn Loving Memory Of...  Atlantic6,00
CDBigbangClouds Rolling By  WEA6,00
CDBilly TalentII  Atlantic6,00
CDBissonette, GreggSubmarine  Favored Nations6,00
CDBjörkPost  One Little Indian6,00
CDBjörkSelma Songs  Polydor6,00
CDBjörkVolta  One Little Indian, digipack6,00
DVDBlack Eyed PeasBehind The Bridge To Elephunk  A & M4,00
CDBlack KeysMagic Potion  V2 records5,00
CDBlack KidsPartie Traumatic  Ag5,00
CDBlack Market FlowersBind  Roadrunner records7,00
CDBlack SorrowsHarley & Rose  CBS6,00
CDBlackmailFriend Or Foe?  WEA8,00
CDBlaqk AudioCexcells  Interscope8,00
CDBlind MelonFor My Friends  Wishbone6,00
CDBlockheadDowntown Science  Ninja Tune6,00
CDBloodlossLive My Way  Reprise7,00
CDBlossom ToesIf Only For a MomentJapan Archive, ins, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDBlue BloodsSame  I Scream records10,00
CDBlue FloydLive At Birch Hill  Floating World records, 3-CD10,00
CDBlue ShipThe Executioner's Lover  Altrock, 2-CD12,00
CDBlues BrothersThe Definitive Collection  Atlantic5,00
CDBlues TravelerFour  A & M6,00
CDBlues TravelerLive - What You And I Have Been Through  Traveler Empire6,00
CDBlues TravelerStraight On till Morning  A & M6,00
CDBlunt, JamesBack To Bedlam  Atlantic6,00
CDBolton, MichaelEverybody's Crazy  CBS6,00
CDBoney MGold - 20 Super Hits  BMG4,00
CDBooker T. & The MG'sThe Best Of  Atlantic6,00
CDBootsy's Rubber BandAhh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby  Warner6,00
CDBootsy's Rubber BandStretchin' Out InJapan Warner, obi12,00
CD(Bootsy's Rubber Band) BootsyUltra WaveJapan Warner, obi12,00
CDBoy RobotGlamorizing Corporate Lifestyle  City Centre Offices, digipack6,00
CDBragg, BillyThe Internationale  Utility records7,00
CDBragg, BillyWorkers Playtime  Cooking Vinyl7,00
CDBrain LeisureMindfire  Hard records7,00
CDBramhall, Doyle IIShades  Provogue, digipack8,00
CDBrand New HeaviesAll About The Funk  Edel records7,00
CDBrand New HeaviesThe Platinum Collection  Rhino5,00
CDBriggs, AnneA Collection  Topic records6,00
CDBrooks & DunnHard Workin' Man  Arista5,00
CDBrooks, ElkieLilac Wine  Mastertone, CD + Video CD8,00
CDBrother EyeSoapdish Antennae  Another Time6,00
CDBrothers Like OutlawThe Oneness Of II Minds In Unison  Geestreet6,00
CDBroughton, Edgar BandOut Demons Out! - The Best Of  Harvest6,00
CDBrown, JamesI'm Real  Scotti Bros records6,00
CDBrown, Pete & PibloktoThousands On a Raft  Repertoire8,00
CDBrowne, JacksonFor Everyman  Asylum6,00
CDBrowne, JacksonSolo Acoustic Vol. 1  Inside recordings6,00
CDBrowne, Jackson & David LindleyLive At The Main Point 15th August 1973  Echoes8,00
CDBruce, JackThe Collection  Castle6,00
CDBurdon, EricHouse Of The Rising Sun  Wise Buy4,00
CDBurma ShaveZeal  Squatt5,00
CDBushThe Science Of Things  Trauma records5,00
CDBush, KateLionheart  Parlophone, digipack10,00
CDButler, JohnWorthless Bastard Rock  Mystic records7,00
CDButterfly EffectFinal Conversation Of Kings  Superball music, tour edition6,00
CDBuzztonicArcade Babies  Mega records6,00
CDByrdsSweetheart Of The Rodeo - remastered  Columbia6,00
CDCage9Human Feedback   6,00
CDCakeComfort Eagle  Columbia6,00
CDCale, J.J.Classic  Mercury6,00
CDCale, J.J. & Clapton, EricThe Road To Escondido  Reprise6,00
CDCandy ManPilgrim  Alora Music6,00
CDCanned HeatLet's Work Together - The Best Of  Liberty7,00
CDCaptain MurphyHuman Cannonball  Wild Kingdom5,00
CDCaravanLive  Code 9010,00
CDCardigansGran Turismo  Stockholm records6,00
CDCarlton, CarlCahoots & Roots  SPV, 2-CD, promo12,00
CDCarpark NorthAll Things To All People  EMI8,00
CDCash, JohnnyAmerica  Columbia6,00
CDCash, JohnnyItchy Feet - 20 Foot-Tappin' Greats  Columbia6,00
CDCash, JohnnyMan In Black - The Very Best Of  Columbia, 2-CD8,00
CDCash, JohnnyMemories Of Johnny Cash  Oldor Collection, 2-CD6,00
CDCash, JohnnyOut Among The Stars  Columbia, cardsleeve6,00
CDCash, JohnnyThe Collection  Red Box4,00
CDCash, JohnnyThe Essential  Columbia, 2-CD8,00
CDCash, RosanneInteriors  Columbia6,00
CDCave, NickKicking Against The Pricks  Mute records7,00
CDCave, NickNo More Shall We Part  Playground, 2-CD8,00
CDCave, NickThe Good Son  Mute records7,00
CDCell DivisionDissolve  Foadye7,00
CDChairmen Of The BoardThe Very Best Of  Metro6,00
CDCherCher's Greatest Hits: 1965-1992  Geffen5,00
CDCherIt's a Man's World  Warner4,00
CDChesnutt, MarkWings  Decca6,00
CDChicago/Jefferson AirplaneSame  Master Tone, 2-CD6,00
CDChicken ShackO.K. Ken?  Blue Horizon7,00
CDChild, DesmondDiscipline  Elektra6,00
CDChiodosBone Palace Ballet  Equal Vision6,00
CDChown, KevinFreudian Slip  Legato records8,00
CDChuck Norris ExperimentSame  Bad Attitude records7,00
CDChurch Of ConfidenceLivin' On Crime  Anti records7,00
CDCicadasSame  Warner8,00
CDCinematicsA Strange Education  TVT records, digipack8,00
CDCitizen JaneLaureen  Columbia7,00
CDCitizen KingMobile Estates  Warner7,00
CDClannadMagical Ring  RCA6,00
CDClannadSirius  RCA6,00
CD(Clannad) Brennan, MairePerfect Time  Word records6,00
CDClapton, Eric461 Ocean Boulevard  RSA6,00
CDClapton, EricBack Home  Reprise6,00
CDClapton, EricComplete Clapton  Polydor, 2-CD8,00
CDClapton, EricFrom The Cradle  Reprise6,00
CDClapton, EricMe And Mr Johnson  Reprise6,00
CDClapton, EricPilgrim  Reprise6,00
CDClapton, EricPilgrim/Reptile  Rhino, 2-CD8,00
CDClapton, EricReptile  Reprise6,00
CDClapton, EricUnplugged  Reprise6,00
DVDClapton, EricLive In Hyde Park  Warner5,00
CDClark, Gary Jr.Live  Warner, 2-CD10,00
CDClark, Gary Jr.The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim  Warner, digipack6,00
CDClarke, StanleySame  Epic, digipack7,00
CDClarke, StanleySchool DaysJapan Epic10,00
CDClear Blue SkySameJapan Vertigo, miniature LP sleeve, obi20,00
CDCline, PatsyWalkin' After Midnight  Spectrum music4,00
CDCochran, AnitaAnita  Warner6,00
CDCockburn, BruceBig Circumstance  FM records6,00
CDCocker, JoeCocker  Capitol6,00
CDCocker, JoeThe Legend  Polygram5,00
CDCoheed And CambriaThe Afterman: Descension  Everything Evil records10,00
CDCoheed And CambriaYear Of The Black Rainbow  Roadrunner records7,00
CDCohen, LeonardGreatest Hits  Columbia6,00
CDCohen, LeonardTen New Songs  Columbia6,00
CDColdplayA Rush Of Blood To The Head  Parlophone6,00
CDColdplayParachutes  Parlophone6,00
CDColdplayX & Y  EMI6,00
DVDColdplayLive 2003  EMI, DVD+CD10,00
CDCollideSome Kind Of Strange  Noiseplus music8,00
CDCollins, PhilBoth Sides  Warner5,00
CDCollins, PhilDance Into The Light  Face Value records5,00
CDCollins, PhilHits  WEA5,00
CDColour HazeAll  Elektrohasch10,00
CDColour HazeTempel  Elektrohasch10,00
CDColtrane, JohnGiant Steps  Atlantic, digipack6,00
CDCommodoresThe Very Best Of  Motown5,00
CDConfig SysBack And Forth  Pflichtkrauf, 2-CD12,00
CDConnelly, ChrisPrivate Education  Caroline Records, digipack8,00
CDCoralMagic And Medicine  Deltasonic records5,00
CDCounting CrowsThis Desert Life  Geffen7,00
CDCowboy JunkiesThe Trinity Session  RCA6,00
CDCovenantLast Dance  Metropolis records, M-CD6,00
CDCox, CarlBlack Rock Desert  Global underground, 2-CD8,00
CDCranberriesBury The Hatchet  Island6,00
CDCranberriesEverybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?  Island6,00
CDCranberriesNo Need To Argue  Island6,00
CDCranberriesRoses  Cooking Vinyl6,00
CDCranberriesWake Up And Smell The Coffee  MCA6,00
CDCrank County DaredevilsLivin' In The Red  Bad reputation, digipack7,00
CDCrawford, DavellLet Them Talk  Rounder5,00
CDCreedGreatest Hits  EMI, CD+DVD8,00
CDCreedHuman Clay  Epic6,00
CDCreedMy Own Prison  Epic6,00
CDCreedWeathered  Epic6,00
CDCreedence Clearwater RevivalBayou Country  Fantasy6,00
CDCreedence Clearwater RevivalPlatinum  Amigo, 2-CD8,00
CDCroker, BrendanThe Great Indoors  Silverstone Records8,00
CDCrowded HouseTogether Alone  EMI5,00
CDCrusadersGroove Crusade  Blue Thumb6,00
CDCrystal MethodDivided By Night  Tiny e records, 2-CD8,00
CDCul De Sac/ Damo SuzukiAbhayamudra  SAAH, 2-CD12,00
CDCurrent 93The Moons At Your Door  Spheres Nineteen, cardsleeve8,00
CDCurry, MarkLet The Wretched Come Home  Virgin6,00
CDCustom Made ScareThe Greatest Show On Dirt  Side 17,00
CDD'arby, Terence TrentNeither Fish Nor Flesh  CBS5,00
CDD.A.D.Call Of The Wild  Mega records7,00
CDD.A.D.Draws a Circle  Mega records7,00
CDD.A.D.Everything Glows  EMI6,00
CDD.A.D.Special  Mega records7,00
CDDaft PunkRandom Access Memories  Columbia6,00
CDDageby, Ulf18 Sånger - En Samling  Music Network records6,00
CDDahlgren, Chris/Kalima, Kalle/Schaefer, EricJohnny La Marama  Slow Commotion music6,00
CDDahlgren, EvaEn Blekt Blondins Ballader 1980-2005  Sony6,00
CDDahlgren, EvaJag Vill Se Min Älskade Komma...  Record Station6,00
CDDahlgren, EvaPetroleum Och Tång  Capitol6,00
CDDahlgren, EvaSnö  Capitol6,00
CDDamn PersonalsStanding Still In The USA  Big Wheel Recreation, digipack6,00
CDDance On GlassDaydreaming  Metal Mind, co8,00
CDDandy WarholsThirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia  Capitol6,00
CDDarknessPermission To Land  Atlantic6,00
CDDarksideMelomania  Situation Two7,00
CDDarlahoodBig Fine Thing  Reprise6,00
CDDatsunsOutta Sight/Outta Mind  V25,00
CDDavis, MilesFriday Night At The Blackhawk, S.F. Vol. 1Japan Sony, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDDaylight LoversSame  Sympathy For The Record Industry8,00
CDDead Or AliveYouthquake  Epic6,00
CDDeath In VegasTrans-Love energies  Drone, 2-CD8,00
CDDecameronMammoth Special...plus  Edsel7,00
CDDecemberistsThe Crane Wife  Capitol10,00
CDDee RangersSo Far Out So Good  White Jazz7,00
CDDeep ForestBoheme  Columbia5,00
CDDeGraw, GavinSame  Sony6,00
CDDekker, DesmondGreatest Hits  Object Enterprises4,00
CDDeleriumArchives Vol. 2  Nettwerk productions, 2-CD12,00
CDDeleriumThe Best Of  Nettwerk, digipack6,00
CDDemonMidnight Funk  Sony6,00
CDDemonMusic That You Wanna Hear  Small7,00
CDDengue FeverThe Deepest Lake  Tuk Tuk records, digipack6,00
CDDepeche ModeA Broken Frame  Mute records6,00
CDDepeche ModeConstruction Time Again  Mute records6,00
CDDepeche ModeExciter  Playground6,00
CDDepeche ModeUltra  Mute records6,00
CD(Depeche Mode) Gahan, DavePaper Monsters  Mute records, CD+DVD10,00
CDDetroit CobrasLife, Love And Leaving  Rough Trade8,00
CDDeviants#3Japan Captain Trip, obi17,00
CDDevild HamI Had Too Much To Dream Last Night  Hifly Sound, digipack10,00
CDDi Meola, AlElegant Gypsy  Columbia6,00
CDDiamond RioSame  Arista6,00
CDDiamondogSame  Facefront, digipack7,00
CDDin (A) TodThe Sound Of Crash  SPV8,00
CDDinosaur Jr.Give a Glimpse Of What Yer Not  Jagjaguwar, digipack7,00
CDDire StraitsCommunique  Vertigo6,00
CDDire StraitsMaking Movies  Vertigo6,00
CDDire StraitsOn Every Street - remastered  Vertigo6,00
CDDirtmusicBKO  Glitterhouse records, CD+DVD8,00
CDDirty StrangersSame  Track record, feat. K.Richards, .Wood8,00
CDDirty ThreeOcean Songs  Bella Union7,00
CDDisharmonyCloned: Other Side Of Evolution  Tympanik8,00
CDDiskonnektedOld School Policies  Alfa Matrix8,00
CDDo Me Bad ThingsYes  Atlantic8,00
CDDog Fashion DiscoAnarchists Of Good Taste  Spitfire7,00
CDDohen, LeonardSongs Of Leonard Cohen  Columbia6,00
CDDominion IIILife Has Ended Here  Napalm records8,00
CDDomino, FatsRock 'n' Roll Legends From The 50's  IMC music4,00
CDDoobie BrothersBest Of Doobie Brothers Live  Columbia, 2-CD6,00
CDDoobie BrothersSame  Warner7,00
CDDoorsLive In Vancouver 1970  Rhino, 2-CD, digipack10,00
CDDoorsWaiting For The Sun - remastered  Elektra6,00
CDDoubleDriveBlue In The Face  Roadrunner records6,00
CDDownliners SectThe Sect boxJapan Victor, 3-CD promo box80,00
CDDownloadFurnace  Cleopatra8,00
CDDr. TreeSame  Southside, digipack10,00
CDDramophoneUrban Ritual  Eclipse music, digipack6,00
CDDread Zeppelin5,000,000  I.R.S.6,00
CDDreadzoneEye On The Horizon  Dubwiser records7,00
CDDredgChuckles And Mr. Squeezy  Superball music, digipack8,00
CDDredgLeitmotif  Dredg, digipack, toc6,00
CDDrownHold On To The Hollow  Elektra7,00
CDDuffyRockferry  A & M6,00
CDDylan, BobDylan  Columbia6,00
CDDylan, BobGood As I Been To You  Columbia6,00
CDDylan, BobHighway 61 Revisited boxJapan Sony, 6-CD promo box125,00
CDDylan, BobThe Bootleg Series 1-3 box  Columbia, 4-CD wooden promo case, ltd 1300 copies175,00
CDDylan, BobThe Times They Are A-Changin'  Columbia6,00
CDDylan, BobUnder The Red Sky  CBS6,00
CDA Mouthful  Get Down6,00
CDEaglesHell Freezes Over  Geffen6,00
CDEaglesHotel California - remastered  Asylum6,00
CDEaglesThe Legend Of  WEA5,00
CD(Eagles) Felder, DonAmerican Rock 'n' Roll  BMG, digipack8,00
CD(Eagles) Henley, DonBuilding The Perfect Beast  Geffen5,00
CD(Eagles) Henley, DonThe End Of The Innocence  Geffen5,00
CDEagles Of Death MetalDeath By Sex  Columbia6,00
CDEarshotLetting Go  Warner6,00
CDEarth And FireSame  Rotation6,00
CDEarthlingRadar  Cooltempo4,00
CDEddy, DuaneGreatest Hits  Not Now music, 2-CD6,00
CDEden Synthetic CorpsEnhancer  Scanner7,00
CDEdmunds, DavePlugged In  Rhino, digipack6,00
CDEdmunds, DaveSabre Dance  Pure Gold5,00
CDEitzel, MarkDon't Be a Stranger  Decor records, digipack8,00
CDEl GordoThe Man Behind The Machine  Glen Ghoste records7,00
CDEl StewSame  OM records6,00
CDEldkvarnEldkvarns Bästa  EMI6,00
CDElectric Light OrchestraDiscovery  Epic6,00
CDElectric Light OrchestraOn The Third Day  Epic6,00
CDElectric Light OrchestraTime  Epic6,00
CDEmbraceDrawn From Memory  Virgin7,00
CDEmbraceThis New Day  EMI5,00
CDEmerson, Lake & PalmerFanfare - The 1997 World Tour  Delta music6,00
CDEmerson, Lake & PalmerGreatest Hits Live  King Biscuit Flower Hour8,00
CDEmerson, Lake & PalmerPictures At an ExhibitionJapan Victor, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDEmerson, Lake & PalmerPirates  KTS, 2-CD12,00
CDEmerson, Lake & PalmerThen And Now  Sanctuary, 2-CD8,00
CDEmerson, Lake & PalmerWorks - Volume 2Japan Victor, obi, miniature LP sleeve17,00
CDEnigma3: Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!  Virgin6,00
CDEnigmaThe Cross Of Change  Virgin6,00
CDEnigmaThe Screen Behind The Mirror  Virgin, digipack6,00
CDEnyaA Day Without Rain  Warner5,00
CDEnyaAmarantine  Warner5,00
CDEnyaAnd Winter Came  Warner5,00
CDEnyaShepherd Moons  Warner5,00
CDEnyaThe Celts  Warner5,00
CDEnyaThe Memory Of Trees  Warner5,00
CDErasureCowboy  MNW5,00
CDEscapeEvery Tear Dries  Celtic Circle Productions6,00
CDEscape ClubDollars And Sex  WEA4,00
CDEscape ClubWild Wild West  Atlantic4,00
CDEscape The FateHate Me  Eleven Seven music8,00
CDEugene CarnanSame  Shadoks music8,00
CDEurythmicsPeace  RCA5,00
CDEverclearSlow Motion Daydream  Capitol6,00
CDExpretusBorderline Red  Rough Trade6,00
CDFabulous ThunderbirdsTuff Enuff  CBS6,00
CDFacesThe Best Of - Good Boys...When They're...  Rhino6,00
CDFagen, DonaldKamakiriad  Warner6,00
CDFairport ConventionNineJapan Island, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDFaithfull, MarianneGive My Love To London  Naive, cardsleeve7,00
CDFalling YouTouch  Fossil Dungeon, digipack7,00
CDFamilyFearless  Mystic records7,00
CDFamilyThe Peel Sessions  Castle5,00
CDFarmer, MyleneInnamoramento  Polydor6,00
CDFast GallowsHigh On The Mainline  ESP7,00
CDFat Jon The Ample Soul PhysicianLightweight Heavy  Exceptional6,00
DVDFaustTrial And Error  Fûnfundvierzig10,00
CDFauz'tFrom the Frozen South  Atavistic10,00
CDFerry, BryanMamouna  Virgin6,00
CDFerry, BryanThe Bride Stripped Bare  EG records6,00
CDFerry, BryanThe Collection  Disky4,00
CDFever RaySame  V2 records, digipack8,00
CDFine Young CannibalsThe Raw & The Remix  London4,00
CDFirst CircleBoys Night Out (expanded)  Funky Town Grooves8,00
CDFirst ClassGolden Classics  Collectables records8,00
CDFlatt, LesterThe One And Only  King records6,00
CDFleetwood MacBehind The Mask  Warner6,00
CDFleetwood MacGreatest Hits (1988)  Warner5,00
CDFleetwood MacSimply The Best  Columbia4,00
CDFleshtonesBlast Off!  Roir Europe Danceteria records, digipack8,00
CDFlower KIngsParadox Hotel  Insideout, 2-CD, promo10,00
CDFlowerpot MenLet's Go To San Francisco  BR originals7,00
CDFlysHoliday Man  Trauma records7,00
CDFlysOutta My Way  Trauma records7,00
CDFogerty, JohnBlue Moon Swamp  Warner7,00
CDFogerty, JohnDeja Vu All Over Again  Geffen7,00
CDFoo FightersEchoes, Silence, Patience & Grace  RCA6,00
CDFoo FightersGreatest Hits  RCA6,00
CDFoo FightersIn Your Honor  RCA, 2-CD8,00
CDFort MinorThe Rising Tied  Machine Shop recordings, digipack6,00
CDFoundationsSame  Castle Pie8,00
CDFrampton, PeterSame  Relativity6,00
CDFrancis, Eugene Jnr.The Golden Beatle  Legion presents, digipack7,00
CDFranklin, ArethaLove Songs  Warner5,00
CDFranz FerdinandRight Thoughts Right Words Right Action  Domino recording6,00
CDFranz FerdinandTonight  Domino recording7,00
CDFranz FerdinandYou Could Have It So Much Better  Domino recording6,00
CDFreeAll Right Now  Spectrum6,00
CDFreedomFreedom At Last  Archive, ins, obi,miniature LP sleeve8,00
CDFreedomThrough The YearsJapan Archive, ins, obi, miniature LP sleeve25,00
CDFront 24200:00:02:42 Angels Versus Animals  RRE, M-CD4,00
CDFront 24205:22:09:12 Off  RRE, w/sticker8,00
CDFront 24206:21:03:11 Up Evil  RRE6,00
CDFront 242Religion  Epic4,00
CDGabriel, PeterHit  EMI, 2-CD8,00
CDGabriel, PeterUs  Virgin6,00
CDGardot, MelodyMy One And Only Thrill  Verve4,00
CDGarmarnaGuds Spelemän  Massproduktion8,00
CDGarmarnaVittrad  Xource records8,00
CDGaye, MarvinWhat's Going On  Motown6,00
CDGenesisGenesis (1983)  Vertigo6,00
CDGenesisLive/The Way We WalkJapan Virgin, obi, miniature LP sleeve17,00
CDGenesis P-Orridge & Psychic TVTemporary Temple & Atonal  Dossier records10,00
CDGentle, Jennifer and Kawabata MakotoThe Wrong Cage  Billyboy entertainment8,00
CDGeorge, RobinCrying Diamonds  Majestic Rock records6,00
CDGeorge, RobinDangerous Music - Live '85  Majestic Rock records6,00
CDGiganticDisenchanted  Columbia, co6,00
CDGildenlöw, KristofferRust  Glassville records, digipack10,00
CDGildenlöw, KristofferThe Rain  MRR, digipack10,00
CDGinger TreesAlong With The Tide  Transubstans, digipack10,00
CDGlass TigerSimple Mission  Capitol6,00
CDGongLive On TV 1990  Code 9010,00
CDGoo MenShakey! Shakey!  No Fucking Hippies7,00
CDGorky's Zygotic MynciHow I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart  Playground6,00
CDGostPossessor  Blood Music, digipack10,00
CDGothic HorizonTomorrow's Another Day...  Axis8,00
CDGourdsDem's Good Beeble  Munich records6,00
CDGrand DriveSee The Morning In  BMG7,00
CDGrant, AmyUnguarded  Myrrh records6,00
CDGray, DavidLost Songs  Iht records8,00
CDGray, MacyOn How Life Is  Epic5,00
CDGreen, AlThe Absolute Best  Hi records, 2-CD7,00
CDGriffin, Patty1000 Kisses  Sanctuary6,00
CDGroundhogsThe Best Of  EMI Gold4,00
CDGuano ApesProud Like a God  Supersonic records5,00
CDGudjonsson, SverrirEpitaph  Opus, digipack10,00
CDGudmundsdottir, BjörkGling-Glo  One Little Indian6,00
CDGuided By VoicesThe Bears For Lunch  Fire records, cardsleeve6,00
CDGunn, TreyUntune The Sky  Insideout, CD+DVD10,00
CDGuthrie, WoodyDusty Bowl Ballads  Flex-Media4,00
CDGyllene TiderHalkstads Pärlor / Hits 1979-95  EMI, 2-CD6,00
CDGyllene TiderSame  EMI, 2-CD8,00
CDHall, Daryl & John OatesMarigold Sky  Eagle records6,00
CDHancock, Carl RuxRux Revue  Epic6,00
CDHancock, HerbieCantaloupe Island  EMI6,00
CDHancock, HerbieMaiden Voyage  EMI6,00
CDHangmenLast Train To Purgatory  Bone Tone8,00
CDHard FeelingsYou Won't Like It...  Beer Land records8,00
CDHarris, EmmylouHeartaches & Highways - The Very Best Of  Rhino6,00
CDHarris, EmmylouThe Ballad Of Sally Rose  Warner6,00
CDHarvey, P.J.Rid Of Me  Island6,00
CDHaskell, GordonHarry's Bar  Eastwest5,00
CDHawkins, StevieGeorgia Jam  Emphasis records10,00
CDHawkwiindThe Best Of  Castle6,00
CD(Hawkwind) Agents Of ChaosTime Travellers - Live in Camden   10,00
CD(Hawkwind) MoorFlux  Bishop Garden records8,00
CD(Hawkwind) Psychedelic WarriorsWhite Zone  Griffin Music10,00
CD(Hawkwind) VariousAssassins Of Silence/Hundred-Watt Violence  Ceres records10,00
CDHeadsDead In The Water...  Rooster Rock10,00
CDHellacoptersBy The Grace Of God  Polar7,00
CDHellacoptersHead Off  Wild Kingdon, vinyldisc box12,00
CDHellsSame  Artrocker,M-CD5,00
CDHenderson, Dorris w/ John RenbournWatch The Stars  Fledg'ling records10,00
CDHendrix, JimiAxis: Bold As Love - remastered  MCA7,00
CDHendrix, JimiFirst Rays Of The New Rising Sun  MCA7,00
CDHendrix, JimiLive At Monterey  Universal, digipack7,00
CDHendrix, JimiRare Hendrix  A Play Collection7,00
CDHendrix, JimiValleys Of Neptune  Legacy, digipack7,00
CD(Hendrix, Jimi) Spirit Lives OnThe Music Of Jimi Hendrix Revisited Vol. 2  Lion music7,00
CDHerbertSteppin' Off To Eden  Fueled Up records8,00
CDHeyward, NickThe Apple Bed  Creation records8,00
CDHiatt, JohnOvercoats  Epic8,00
CDHiatt, JohnY'all Caught?  Geffen6,00
CDHiroshimaThird Generation/Another Place/Go  BGO records, 2-CD8,00
CDHivesVeni Vidi Vicious  Burning Heart records6,00
CDHoliday, BillieStay With Me  Verve5,00
CDHomelifeFlying Wonders  Ninja Tune8,00
CDHooker, John Lee36 Catchy Blues Tracks  Excellence De Luxe, 2-CD7,00
CDHooker, John LeeMr. Lucky  Pointblank6,00
CDHooker, John LeeSame  The Wonderful Music Of4,00
CDHooker, John LeeThe Best Of Friends  Pointblank6,00
CDHooker, John LeeThe Masters  Eagle records6,00
CDHootersHooterization: A Retrospective  Columbia6,00
CDHootie & The BlowfishFairweather Johnson  Atlantic5,00
CDHorrorsSkying  XL recordings6,00
CDHorrorsStrange House  Polydor6,00
CDHowe, StevePortraits Of Bob Dylan  Eagle records7,00
CDHowlin' WolfHis Best  Universal6,00
CDHuisAbandoned  Unicorn Digital, digipack10,00
CDHuman ZooSAme  Cicadelic records8,00
CDHumble PieLive In Concert  ZYX music8,00
CDHumperdinck, EngelbertEssential  Decca, 3-CD8,00
CDHundred ReasonsLive At Freakscene  Secret records, digipack8,00
CDHykes, DavidTrue To The Times (How To Be?  New Albion records7,00
CDHylander, DanSamlad Värk 1977-1988  Amalthea6,00
CDHåkansson, KennyHjärtats Gåtbok  Hawk records8,00
CDI Love YouAll Of Us  Geffen6,00
CDI'll Be John BrownSame  IBJB music8,00
CDIambiaAnasynthesis  Progress productions8,00
CDIambiaProvocateur  Progress productions8,00
CDIC 434Bacteriate  Soul Food7,00
CDIce AgeLiberation  Magna Carta, co6,00
CDIdiot PilotWolves  Reprise7,00
CDIdol, BillyGreatest Hits  EMI6,00
DVDIdol, BillyVH-1 Stirytellers  Warner6,00
CDIncubusMake Yourself  Epic6,00
CDIngram, LutherGreatest Hits  Right Stuff6,00
CDInkapp HolnapTomorrow Instead  Periferic records10,00
CDInner CircleBad To The Bone  Metronome records5,00
CDInternational Noise ConspiracyThe Cross Of My Calling  Epitaph records8,00
CDInvisible MenCome Get Some  Dionysus records10,00
CDINXSThe Swing  Mercury6,00
CDIsaak, ChrisWicked Game  Reprise5,00
CDIsley, ErnieHigh WireJapan Elektra8,00
CDIwrCold Asylum  Black Rain records8,00
CDJames, ElmoreSlip Sliding Away  Dressed To Kill5,00
CDJames, EttaI Just Want To Make Love To You  Intermusic5,00
CDJamiroquaiTravelling Without Moving  Sony6,00
CDJane's AddictionStrays  Capitol6,00
CDJane's AddictionThe Great Escape Artist  Capitol6,00
CDJapanAssemblage  Sony6,00
CDJapanQuiet Life  Sony6,00
CDJapanThe Collection  Camden6,00
CDJarlMinus One - Neutral  Moontrix, digipack10,00
CDJarre, Jean MichelOxygene (new master recording)  Capitol7,00
CDJarre, Jean MichelRendez-vous  Dreyfus6,00
CDJarre, Jean MichelRevolutions - remastered  Epic6,00
CDJason & The ScorchersMidnight Roads & Stages Seen  Edel, 2-CD10,00
CDJefferson AirplaneThe Woodstock Revival  Pulsar4,00
CD(Jefferson Airplane) Casady, JackDream Factor  Eagle records6,00
CDJennings, WaylonLive From Austin, TX  New West, digipack6,00
CDJennings, WaylonOriginal Album Classics  RCA, 5-CD box10,00
CDJerkWhen Pure Is Defiled  Epic8,00
CDJeronimoUn Monde Sans Moi  Capitol8,00
CDJestersCadillac Men - The Sun Masters  Big Beat8,00
CDJetGet Born  Eastwest6,00
CDJet Black JoeFuzz  ZYX music8,00
CDJohn, EltonGoodbye Yellow Brick RoadJapan Mercury, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDJohn, EltonThe Big Picture  Rocket6,00
CDJohnson NoiseSame  Nasoni records10,00
CDJones, DankoBelow The Belt  Bad Taste records, digipack6,00
CDJones, DankoBorn a Lion  Bad Taste records6,00
CDJones, DankoNever Too Loud  Bad Taste records6,00
CDJones, George & Tammy WynetteOne  MCA5,00
CDJones, NorahFeaturing  Blue Note records10,00
DVDJones, NorahLive In New Orleans  Blue Note10,00
CDJones, QuincyI Dig Dancers  Universal8,00
CDJoplin, JanisI Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama  Columbia6,00
CDJoplin, JanisJanis/Early Performances  Columbia10,00
CDJoplin, JanisThe Very Best Of  Columbia5,00
CDJordan, LouisSwingsation  GRP records6,00
CDJourneyInfinity  CBS, woc5,00
CDJoy UnlimitedSchmetterlinge  Garden Of Delights10,00
CDJupitherStrikes Back  West Side fabrication7,00
CDKaneSo Glad You Made It  BMG6,00
CDKashmirE.A.R.  Sony, digibook6,00
CDKentB-sidor 95-00  RCA, 2-CD8,00
CDKentDu & Jag Döden  RCA8,00
CDKentIsola  RCA6,00
CDKentTillbaka Till Samtiden  RCA6,00
CDKentucky HeadhuntersBest Of...  Mercury6,00
CDKerbdogJ.J.'s Song  Fontana, M-CD5,00
CDKerbdogSame  Vertigo7,00
CDKhomaA Final Storm  Selective Notes7,00
CDKillersSawdust  Island6,00
CDKing CrimsonIslands boxJapan Universal, 4-CD promo box, miniature LP sleeves95,00
CD(King Crimson) Crimson ProjectLive In Tokyo  Insideout, digipack10,00
CDKing ErrissonThe Magic Man/L.A. Bound  Westbound records10,00
CDKing, B.B.His Definitive Greatest Hits  MCA, 2-CD8,00
CDKing, CaroleFantasy  Epic6,00
CDKing, DennyEvil Wind Is Blowing  Synton Archive10,00
CDKings Of LeonAha Shake Heartbreak  RCA6,00
CDKings Of LeonBecause Of The Times  RCA6,00
CDKings Of LeonOnly By The Night  Sony6,00
CDKings Of LeonYouth & Young Manhood  RCA6,00
CDKinksKinda Kinks  Rhino6,00
CDKinksMillenium Collection boxJapan Victor, 12-CD, promo box250,00
CDKinksMuswell Hillbillies - remastered  Koch records7,00
CDKinksOne For The Road boxJapan Victor, 6-CD promo box140,00
CDKinksPreservation Act 1  Konk records7,00
CDKinksSame (compiltion)  Disky4,00
CD(Kinks) Davies, RaySee My Friends  Universal8,00
CD(Kinks) VariousThis Is Where I Belong - The Songs Of Kinks  Ryko7,00
CDKitaroSilk Road  Polydor6,00
CDKitaroSilk Road II  Polydor6,00
CDKitaroSilk Road III  Polydor6,00
CDKitaroSilk Road IV  Polydor6,00
CDKitaroSilver Cloud  Polydor6,00
CDKitaroTen Years  Geffen, 2-CD8,00
CDKitaroTowards The West  Polydor6,00
CDKlingonzThe Best Of  Fury records8,00
CDKMFDMTohuvabohu  Metropolis records6,00
CDKnopfler, MarkKill To Get Crimson  Mercury6,00
CDKnopfler, MarkSailing To Philadelphia  Mercury6,00
CDKnopfler, MarkShangri-La  Mercury, CD+DVD8,00
CDKotche, GlennMobile  Nonesuch6,00
CDKraftwerkConcert Classics  Ranchlife6,00
CDKraftwerkThe Mix  Kling Klang6,00
CDKravitz, Lenny5  Virgin6,00
CDKravitz, LennyBaptism  Virgin6,00
CDKristofferson, KrisMe And Bobby McGee  Monument6,00
CDKriwanek, WolleSchwabenrock  Mercury5,00
CDKutlessHearts Of The Innocent  BEC8,00
CDKyodai, AdachiXianshi  Musea8,00
CDLa Morte De La MaisonAaron's Rod  Gothic records10,00
CDLa Revolucion De Emiliano ZapataHoy Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata  El Disco Es Cultura, cardsleeve10,00
CDLandingOceanless  Strange Attractors Audio House6,00
CDLang, K.D.Ingenue  Sire5,00
CDLauper, CyndiHat Full Of Stars  Epic6,00
CDLauper, CyndiTrue Colors  Sony6,00
CDLegendary Shack ShakersSwampblood  Yep Roc records, digipack6,00
CDLennox, AnnieDiva  Arista5,00
CDLeonard, KevinAutomatrix  Space Monster10,00
CDLes Rita MitsoukoRe  Virgin5,00
CDLes Rita MitsoukoSysteme D  Delabel5,00
CDLes Trois AccordsGrand Champion International De Course  Indica, digipack6,00
CDLevel 42Same  Polydor6,00
CDLewis, Jerry LeeRock Right Now With The Piano Man  TIM, 3-CD6,00
CDLibido Space DimensionSame  Gyokumon, obi7,00
CDLife On EarthLook! There Is Life On Earth  Subliminal Sounds, woc, soc6,00
CDLife Sex & DeathThe Silent Majority  Reprise6,00
CDLimeThe Greatest Hits  Unidisc6,00
CDLindh, Björn J.SonWet Wings  Sonet8,00
CDLinkin ParkMeteora  Warner6,00
CDLittle FeatDixie Chicken  Warner6,00
CDLittle FeatThe Last Record Album  Warner6,00
CDLittle FeatWaiting For Columbus  Warner6,00
CDLittle StevenSoulfire  Wicked Cool records6,00
CDLittle WalterBlues With a Feeling  Charly4,00
CDLittle VillageSame  Reprise6,00
CDLiveThrowing Copper  Radioactive records6,00
CDLo-ProSame  Geffen7,00
CDLofgren, NilsCode Of The Road  Castle6,00
CDLoggins, KennyBack To Avalon  Columbia6,00
CDLonesome KingsLegendary Suffering  Kaiser records7,00
CDLoop GuruDuniya - The Intrinsic Passion Of Mysterious Joy  Nation records6,00
CDLoop GuruWisdom Of The Idiots  Abstract6,00
CDLoose DiamondsNew Location  Dos Records7,00
CDLoveForever Changes  Elektra6,00
CDLoveSame  Elektra6,00
CDLove Like BloodExposure  SPV7,00
CDLoverboyClassics - Their Greatest Hits  Columbia6,00
CDLovin' SpoonfulThe Collection  RCA6,00
CDLucky BishopsGrimstone  Woronzow records10,00
CDLucy In BlueIn Flight  Karisma records10,00
CDLunaBewitched  Elektra7,00
CDLundell, UlfPreskriberade Romanser 1978-88  Parlophone6,00
CDLynyrd SkynyrdFreebird - The Movie  MCA6,00
CDMadonnaAmerican Life  Maverick recordings5,00
CDMadonnaBedtime Stories  Maverick recordings5,00
CDMadonnaErotica  Maverick recordings5,00
CDMadonnaSomething To Remember  Maverick recordings5,00
CDMagic Mushroom BandProcess Of Illumination  Fungus records8,00
CDMahavishnu OrchestraBetween Nothingness & Eternity - Live  Columbia6,00
CD(Mamas & The Papas) Phillips, JohnPhillips 66  Eagle records, digipack6,00
CDMamashöeI Love Life  Tautology7,00
CDManic Street PreachersGeneration Terrorists  Columbia6,00
CDManic Street PreachersLipstick Traces - A Secret History Of  Sony, 2-CD6,00
CDManic Street PreachersNational Treasures - The Complete Singles  Columbia, 2-CD8,00
CDManic Street PreachersPostcards From a Young Man  Columbia6,00
CDManic Street PreachersThis Is My Truth Tell Me Yours  Epic6,00
CD(Manic Street Preachers) Bradfield, James DeanThe Great Western  Columbia6,00
CDManzanera, PhilVozero  Hannibal, digipack6,00
CDMarcy PlaygroundSame  Capitol6,00
CDMarillionTales From The Engine Room  Eagle records6,00
CDMarionThis World And Body  London Records8,00
CDMarley, BobNatty Dread - remastered  Island6,00
DVD(Marley, Bob) VariousMarley Magic  Eagle Vision5,00
CDMars VoltaAmputechture  Universal6,00
CDMars VoltaScabdates  Universal6,00
CDMars VoltaThe Bedlam In Goliath  Universal6,00
CDMatthews, Dave BandBefore These Crowded Streets  RCA7,00
CDMatthews, Dave BandStand Up  RCA8,00
CDMavericksMusic For All Occasions  MCA6,00
CDMavericksTrampoline  MCA6,00
CDMaxi PriestFe Real  Ten Records8,00
CDMayall, JohnAlong For The Ride  Eagle records6,00
CDMayall, JohnStories  Eagle records7,00
CDMayer, JohnWhere The Light Is - Live In Los Angeles  Columbia, 2-CD8,00
CDMayer, John TrioTry!  Columbia, gatefold cover6,00
CDMC5High Time  Rhino6,00
CDMcFerrin, BobbySimple Pleasures  EMI6,00
CDMcLaren, MalcolmParis  Vogue6,00
CDMcLaughlin, JohnFloating Point  Mediastarz, digipack7,00
CDMcLaughlin, JohnIndustrial Zen  Universal7,00
CDMcLaughlin, JohnThieves And Poets  Universal, digipack7,00
CDMcLaughlin, John & MahavishnuAdventures In Radioland  Verve7,00
CDMcLaughlin, John TrioQue Alegria  Verve6,00
CDMcMurtry, JamesWhere'd You Hide The Body  Columbia8,00
CDMeat LoafMeat Loaf And Friends  Epic6,00
CDMechanical MothThe Sad Machina  Scanner, 2-CD12,00
CDMedicine HeadThe Best Of  Music Club6,00
CDMedley, SueSame  Mercury6,00
CDMegaherzQuerschnitt  ZYX, 2-CD10,00
CDMelua, KatieSecret Symphony  Dramatico6,00
CDMercury RevSnowflake Midnight  Alarm music, digipack7,00
CDMercury RevThe Secret Migration  V2 Music6,00
CDMerritt, TiffBramble Rose  Lost Highway records6,00
CDMerritt, TiftTambourine  Lost Highway records6,00
CDMessina, Jo DeeSame  Curb records6,00
CDMewAnd The Glass Handed Kites  Sony, digipack6,00
CDMidtownSave The World, Lose The Girl  Drive-Thru records6,00
CDMike & The RavensFrom Pillar To Post  Playground, digipack8,00
CDMind's EyeA Work Of Art  Rising Sun7,00
CDMinogue, KylieEnjoy Yourself  PWL records5,00
CDMirror Of SensePowercircles  Sensual records8,00
CDMitchell, JoniDog Eat Dog  Geffen6,00
CDMitchell, JoniMingus  Asylum6,00
CDMix Speaker's Inc.Big Bang Music  Gan-Shin records8,00
CDMolly HatchetGreatest Hits  Epic6,00
CDMolotkov, A.Can You Stay Forever?   7,00
CDMoney MarkBrand New By Tomorrow  Brushfire records, digipack7,00
CDMoneybrotherMount Pleasure  Burning heart records7,00
CDMonroe, Bill and The Bluegrass BoysLive Recordings 1956-1969  Smithsonian Folkways6,00
CDMonroe, MarilynI Wanna Be Loved By You  Remember4,00
CDMonroe, Vaughn & His Orchestra1943  Circle records6,00
CDMonsterA Brief History Of  Startracks6,00
DVDMoody BluesThe Lost Performance - Live In Paris '70  Inspire music7,00
CDMoomToot  Delerium10,00
CDMoon LettersUntil They Feel The Sun  digipack, scratches on disc, plays fine5,00
CDMoonlooniesDetonator  Mystic Stones7,00
CDMoorEvery Pixie Sells a Story  Rumble10,00
CDMoore, ChristyThe Collection 81-91  Warner4,00
CDMoorer, AllisonAlabama Song  MCA6,00
CDMoreno, BenitoRomances Del Lute y Otras Canciones  Warner, digipack7,00
CDMorissette, AlanisJagged Little Pill  Maverick5,00
CDMorissette, AlanisSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie  Maverick/Reprise6,00
CDMorrison, VanDuets  RCA6,00
CDMorrison, VanMoondance  Warner6,00
CDMorrison, VanNew York Sessions '67  Recall, 2-CD6,00
CDMorrison, VanThe Best Of  Polydor6,00
CDMorrison, VanThe Healing Game  Polydor6,00
CDMorrison, VanThe Lost Tapes Volume 2  Movie Play Gold7,00
CDMount PilotSame  Doolittle records8,00
CDMountainShepherds Bush Empire, London 1997  Voiceprint8,00
CDMountainSuper Hits  Columbia6,00
CDMr. MisterWelcome To The Real World  RCA6,00
CDMudhoneyMy Brother The Cow  Reprise7,00
CDMudhoneyThe Lucky Ones  Sub Pop10,00
CDMurder Inc.Locate Subvert Terminate  Invisible records, 2-CD10,00
CDMuseAbsolution  Taste6,00
CDMuseBlack Holes & Revelations  Warner6,00
CDMuseHullabaloo - Soundtrack  Taste, 2-CD8,00
CDMuseShowbiz  Taste Media6,00
CDMusicSame  Hut recordings6,00
CDMutantsDeathrace 3000  Green Cookie records8,00
CDMy IndigoSame  Indigo music7,00
CDMy Life With The Thrill Kill KultKooler Than Jesus  Wax Trax records7,00
CDMyles, AlannahSame  Atlantic, co4,00
CDN'Dour, YoussouThe Best Of  Virgin5,00
CDN'Dour, YoussouThe Lion  Virgin4,00
CDNationalHigh Violet  4AD, digipack6,00
CDNelson, Willie20 Of The Best  RCA5,00
CDNelson, WillieLove Songs  Columbia5,00
CDNelson, WillieThe Essential  RCA4,00
CDNew GhostLive Upstairs At Nick's  ESP-disk7,00
CDNew York DollsOne Day It Will Please Us To Remember...  Roadrunner records, CD+DVD8,00
CDNever Shout NeverTime Travel  Reprise8,00
CDNeville BrothersBrother's Keeper  A & M6,00
CDNeville BrothersNeville-Ization  Demon records6,00
CDNewman, RandyLonely At The Top - The Best Of  Warner5,00
CDNextThe Virtual Cage  Vinyl Magic8,00
CDNiceThe Swedish Radio Sessions  Sanctuary8,00
CDNickelbackThe State  Roadrunner records6,00
DVDNiggli, Lucas Drum QuartetThe Fellowship Of The Drums  Prohelvetia10,00
CDNile, WillieStreets Of New York  Evangeline records8,00
CDNine Inch NailsAnd All That Could Have Been - Live  Nothing, digipack6,00
CDNine Inch NailsFurther Down The Spiral  Interscope, digipack6,00
CDNirvanaBleach  Sub Pop6,00
CDNirvanaLocal AnaestheticJapan Universal, obi, miniature LP sleeve25,00
CDNirvanaNevermind  Sub Pop6,00
CDNitzer EbbShowtime  Mute records7,00
CDNo-Man(Speak)  Materiali Sonori8,00
CDNobodyAnd Everything Else...  Plug Research records, digipack8,00
CDNobodyPacific Drift  Ubiquity recordings8,00
CDNoise UnitDrill  Off Beat6,00
CDNoisuf-XTinnitus  Brokensilence7,00
CDNordenstam, LisaDynamite  Telegram records6,00
CDNotting HillbilliesMissing...Presumed Having a Good Time  Vertigo6,00
CDNovakillHard Tech For a Hard World  Repo records, digipack7,00
CDNovakillKill Everyone  Repo records7,00
CDO'Connor, SineadI Do Not Want What I Haven't Got  Ensign5,00
CDOasisBe Here Now  Helter Skelter6,00
CDOldfield, MikeCrises  Virgin6,00
CDOldfield, MikeMusic Wonderland  Virgin6,00
CDOldfield, MikeThe Millennium Bell  Warner6,00
CDOldfield, MikeThe Orchestral Tubular Bells  Disky4,00
CDOldfield, MikeThe Songs Of Distant Earth  WEA6,00
CDOldfield, MikeTresLunas  WEA, CD+PC game6,00
CDOldfield, MikeTubular Bells II  Warner6,00
CDOldfield, MikeVoyager  WEA6,00
CDOliveExtra Virgin  RCA, 2-CD8,00
CDOrange SectorProfound  Soul Food8,00
CDOrbison, RoyThe Essential  Sony, 2-CD8,00
CDOrbison, RoyThe Hits 3  Pickwick music4,00
CDOrchestramaxfieldparrishTears  Faith Strange recordings10,00
CDOver The RhineDiscount Fireworks  Back Porch records7,00
CDOver The RhineSnow Angels  Great Speckled Dog, digipack10,00
CDOzric TentaclesFloating Seeds Remixed  Snapper music7,00
CDPaganusSkogsrock  Earthwood records10,00
CDPalace MusicViva Last Blues  Palace records8,00
CDPalmer, Dee (David)Through Darkened Glass  David Palmer8,00
CDPalmer, RobertDon't Explain  Disky4,00
CDPar ExampleBut Everything Seems To Be Fading Away  PE7,00
CDParamoreThe Final Riot  Atlantic, CD+DVD7,00
CDPardis, VanessaM & J  Polydor6,00
CDParliamentMothership Connection  Mercury6,00
CDParsons, AlanLive  TX26,00
CDParsons, AlanOn Air  CNR music, CD+CD-rom6,00
CDParsons, GramGP/Grievous Angel  Reprise6,00
CDParton, DolySlow Dancing With The Moon  Columbia6,00
CDPatrick StreetLive From Patrick Street  Green Linnet records8,00
CDPearl Jam18-06-00 - Salzburg City Square  Epic, 2-CD10,00
CDPearl JamBack Spacer  Universal, cardsleeve6,00
CDPearl JamSame  Epic6,00
CDPearl JamTen  Epic6,00
CDPearl JamYield  Epic, digipack6,00
CDPeaston, DavidIntroducing...  Geffen5,00
CDPendragonLove Over Fear box  Toff records, 3-CD box40,00
CDPentangleBasket Of Light boxJapan BMG, 6-CD box, miniature LP sleeve140,00
CDPerkins, CarlDance Album  Hallmark4,00
CDPerkins, CarlThe Legendary  Pickwick4,00
CDPeter And GordonIn Touch WithJapan EMI, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDPetty, TomDamn The Torpedoes  MCA6,00
CDPetty, TomGreatest Hits  Geffen6,00
CDPhosgoreDomination  Pronoize7,00
CDPickett, WilsonThe Very Best Of  Warner6,00
CDPinbackAutumn Of The Seraphs  Touch and Go records, digipack6,00
CDPink FloydA Saucerful Of SecretsJapan EMI, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDPink FloydMoreJapan EMI, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDPink FloydThe Piper At The Gates Of Dawn  EMI7,00
CD(Pink Floyd) Waters, RogerFlickering Flame  Sony8,00
CDPink SpidersTeenage Graffiti  Supertone records6,00
CDPitch BlackElectronomicon  Dubmission records, 2-CD8,00
CDPitchshifterPSI  Mayan records6,00
CD(Pixies) Black, FrankHoneycomb  Cooking Vinyl6,00
CD(Pixies) Black, FrankThe Cult Of Ray  Dragnet, 2-CD8,00
CDPoguesThe Rest Of The Best  WEA6,00
CDPoisoned Electrick HeadSame  Probe Head8,00
CDPoliceMessage In a Box  A & M, 4-CD box, numbered30,00
CDPoliceZenyatta Mondatta  A & M6,00
CDPorcupine TreeThe Incident  Roadrunner records, 2-CD10,00
CD(Porcupine Tree) Wilson, StevenCover Version box  Headphone Dust, 6-CDs box50,00
CDPresley, Elvis2nd To None  RCA5,00
CDPresley, Elvis30 #1 Hits  RCA5,00
CDPresley, ElvisBlue Havaii  RCA6,00
CDPretendersGet Close  WEA6,00
CDPretty ThingsPretty Things boxJapan Victor, 5-CD box, obi, miniature LP sleeve120,00
CDPretty ThingsResurrection  Worldwidetribe, numbered edition8,00
CDPrimal ScreamChaosmosis  First International, cardsleeve6,00
CDPrimal ScreamEvil Heat  Columbia6,00
CDPrimal ScreamMore Light  First International, 2-CD, cardsleeve8,00
CDPrimal ScreamScreamadelica  Creation records6,00
CDPrimal ScreamVanishing Point  Creation records6,00
CDPrinceGraffiti Bridge  Warner6,00
CDProcol HarumA Whiter Shade Of Pale  Castle6,00
CDProcol HarumExotic Birds And Fruit  Salvo, digisleeve8,00
CDProject PitchforkInferno  Warner6,00
CDProvidenceEver Sense The Dawn  Retro disc8,00
CDPsychic AttersMystic Minutes  Twink records8,00
CDPsychic TVLive In Europa I  Voiceprint8,00
CDPsychic TVLive In Thee Subterrania  Hyperdelic8,00
CDPulpDifferent Class  Island6,00
CDPunto OmegaSame  Soul Food6,00
CDQuadrajetsWhen I Lay My Burden Down  Industry Sympathy For The record8,00
CDQuanticAn Announcement To Answer  Tru Thoughts8,00
CDR.E.M.Around The Sun  Warner, digipack6,00
CDR.E.M.In Time 1988-2003 - The Best Of  Warner6,00
CDR.E.M.Monster  Warner6,00
CDR.E.M.New Adventures In Hi-Fi  Warner6,00
CDR.E.M.Reveal  Warner6,00
CDR.E.M.Up  Warner6,00
CDR.P.M.Revolutions Per Minute  2-CD12,00
CDRadioheadAmnesiac  EMI6,00
CDRadioheadHail To The Thief  EMI6,00
CDRaitt, BonnieRoad Tested  Capitol6,00
CDRaitt, BonnieThe Collection  Warner6,00
CD(Raj Montana Band) Bäckman/HylanderHits: 1980-97  EMI6,00
CDRaman, SusheelaQueen Between  World Village, digipack7,00
CDRaveonettesWhip It On  Columbia, digipack, M-CD6,00
CDRe DinamiteSame  Godown records, digipack8,00
CDRea, ChrisLa Passione  Warner5,00
CDRea, ChrisThe Platinum Collection  Rhino5,00
CDRed Hot Chili PeppersGreatest Hits  Warner6,00
CDRed Hot Chili PeppersI'm With You  Warner, cardsleeve6,00
CD(Red Hot Chili Peppers) Frusciante, JohnThe Will To Death  Record collection, digipack7,00
CDRed RoostersThe Coolest Kind  Enviken records10,00
CDRedding, OtisDreams To Remember  Rhino, 2-CD14,00
CDReed, LouMagic And Loss  Sire6,00
CDReed, LouNYC Man  BMG, 2-CD8,00
CDReed, LouThe Very Best Of  BMG6,00
CDReilly ExpressDizzy  Luftwaffel records7,00
CDRenaissanceCan You Hear Me  Disky6,00
CDRetractorThe False Memory  Soul Food7,00
CDRetroheadsRetrospective  Unicorn8,00
CDRhodesideLive  Trans Com Uni Global records7,00
CDRich, BuddyTransition  Groove Merchant6,00
CDRichard, CliffCliff In Japan  EMI6,00
CDRichard, CliffThe Hit List  EMI, 2-CD6,00
CDRiff, NickCloak Of Immortality  Delerium8,00
CDRobotsDay Of The Robots  Mans ruin records7,00
CDRockers Hi-FiMish Mash  WEA7,00
CDRocket ScientistsRevolution Road  Think Tank Media, 2-CD10,00
CDRogers, KennyLove s Strange  Reprise4,00
CDRonander, MatsBästa  Warner, 2-CD6,00
CDRootsRising Down  Def Jam recordungs7,00
CDRoussos, DemisAdagio  Puk4,00
CDRoussos, DemisLost In Love  Spectrum4,00
CDRoxetteTourism  EMI5,00
CDRoxy MusicStrandedJapan EMI, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDRoyal CreamDeath Is Not a Destination It's a State Of Mind  Big Bongo records7,00
CDRundgren, ToddA Wizard, a True Strar  Rhino8,00
CDRundgren, ToddBack To The Bars - remastered  Castle, 2-CD10,00
CDRundgren, ToddHealing  Freeworld, CD+DVD10,00
CDRundgren, ToddState  Esoteric Antenna, 2-CD10,00
CDRöyksoppThe Understanding  EMI5,00
CDSabres Of ParadiseSabresonic  Warp records8,00
CDSadeLovers Rock  Epic5,00
CDSadeSoldier Of Love  Sony5,00
CDSadeStronger Than Pride  Epic5,00
CDSakamoto, RyuichiHigh Heels  Antilles5,00
CDSam & DaveThe Best Of  Atlantic5,00
CDSample, JoeOasis  MCA6,00
CDSan DimasSame  Massacre records8,00
CDSandoval, AuturoMy Passion For The Piano  Columbia8,00
CDSantanaCaravanserai  Columbia6,00
CDSantanaShaman  Arista6,00
CDSantanaSupernatural  Arista5,00
CDSantanaUltimate Santana  Arista5,00
CDSaosinIn Search Of Solid Ground  Virgin8,00
CDSas, JulianFor The Lost And Found  CoraZong records6,00
CDScars On BroadwaySame  Interscope records, digipack7,00
CDSchizoid LloydThe Last Note In God's Magnum Opus  Blood music, digipack10,00
CDSchnauserWhere Business Meets Fashion  digipack10,00
CDScreamin' Jay HawkinsBlack Music For White People  Demon records6,00
CDSeals, SonLive And Burning  Alligator records8,00
CDSearchersMeet The Searchers  Castle6,00
CDSearchersSugar & SpiceJapan Victor, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDSearchersThe Definitive Collection  Castle, 2-CD8,00
CDSecond ComingSame  Capitol6,00
CDSecret MeetingUltrashiver  Noiseplus music8,00
CDSeger, BobNight Moves  Capitol8,00
CDSenserAsylum  Ultimate, 2-CD8,00
CDSetzer, Brian'68 Comeback Special Ignition!  Surfdog records6,00
CDSetzer, BrianBoogie Woogie Christmas  Surfdog6,00
CDSetzer, BrianCollection '81-'88  Capitol6,00
CDSeven Mary ThreeAmerican Standard  Mammoth records6,00
CDSexSameJapan Eastworld10,00
CDSexsmith, RonWhereabouts  Interscope records6,00
CDShinn, DonTakes a Trip  Flawed Gems8,00
CDShinsHeartworms  Columbia6,00
CDShinsPort Of Morrow  Columbia, digipack6,00
CDSigur RosMeö Suö i Eyrum Viö Spilum...  EMI, digipack6,00
CDSilverbullitCitizen Bird  Music Network6,00
CDSimmons, Sonny & Moksha SamnyasinNomadic  Svart, digipack6,00
CDSimon & GarfunkelBookends  Columbia6,00
CDSimon & GarfunkelBookends boxJapan Sony, 5-CD promo box120,00
CDSimon & GarfunkelGreatest Hits  Columbia6,00
CDSimon, PaulThe Rhythm Of The Saints  Warner6,00
CDSimple MindsGood News From The Next World  Virgin6,00
CDSimple MindsOnce Upon a Time  Virgin6,00
CDSimply RedA New Flame  WEA4,00
CDSimply RedGreatest Hits  Eastwest4,00
CDSimply RedLife  Warner4,00
CDSimply RedStars  Eastwest4,00
CDSinatra, FrankDuets II  Capitol6,00
CDSinatra, FrankMoonlight Sinatra  Reprise6,00
CDSinatra, FrankMusic From The CBS Mini-Series  Reprise, 2-CD6,00
CDSinatra, FrankSeptember Of My Years  Reprise6,00
CDSinatra, FrankThe House - Live In Early Encores  Vintage Jazz7,00
CDSinatra, FrankVegas box  Reprise, 4-CD+DVD25,00
CDSinatra, Frank & NancyOur Way - The Nancy Sinatra Collection  Eastwest6,00
CDSkeletonizedDefleshed  Frosty Ruin10,00
CDSkelly, IanCut From a Star  Skeleton Key records, 2-CD10,00
CD(Skinny Puppy) OhGrSunnyPsyOp  Spitfire records, digipack6,00
CD(Skinny Puppy) OhGrWelt  Spitfire records6,00
CDSkunk AnansieSmashes & Trashes  Ear music6,00
CDSkyVol. 1  Success5,00
CDSkyVol. 4  Success5,00
CDSlick, EarlZig Zag  Sanctuary, co6,00
CDSmashing PumpkinsMellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness  Virgin, 2-CD7,00
CDSmile Empty SoulVultures  Bieler Bros records, digipack8,00
CDSmith, JimmyThe Very best  EMI6,00
CD(Smiths) MorrisseyBona Drag  HMV6,00
CD(Smiths) MorrisseyKill Uncle  HMV6,00
CD(Smiths) MorrisseyVauxhall And I  Parlophone, 2-CD, cardsleeve10,00
CD(Smiths) MorrisseyViva Hate  HMV6,00
CD(Smiths) MorrisseyYour Arsenal  Parlophone, CD+DVD, cardsleeve10,00
CDSmokieUncovered  EMI6,00
CDSoft Hearted ScientistsWandermoon  Hip Replacement8,00
CDSonicsPsycho-Sonic  Big Beat8,00
CDSoul AsylumBlack Gold: The Best Of  Columbia5,00
CDSoul AsylumInsomniac's Dream EP  Columbia4,00
CD(Soundgarden) Cornell, ChrisEuphoria Morning  A & M6,00
CDSoundtrackEverest  Ark217,00
CDSoundtrack Of Our LivesExtended Revelation  Warner6,00
CDSoundtrack Of Our LivesOrigin Vol. I  Warner6,00
CDSpace MirrorsMajestic 12: A Hidden Presence  Sleaszy Rider records10,00
CDSparklehorseDreamt Fr Light Years In The Belly Of a Mountain  Capitol6,00
CDSparklehorseGood Morning Spider  Parlophone, digipack6,00
CDSpartaPorcelain  Geffen6,00
CDSpartaWiretap Scars  Dreamworks records6,00
CDSpeaklowI'm Gonna Groove Ya  Acid Jazz7,00
CDSpecimensThe Quick And The Deaf  In-Fidelity8,00
CDSpin DoctorsPocket Full Of kryptonite  Epic6,00
CDSpiritAt Ebbetts Field 1974  Good Ship Funke8,00
CDSpiritTent Of Miracles  Esoteric recordings, 2-CD12,00
CDSpongeWax Ecstatic  Columbia5,00
CDSpooky ToothThe Last PuffJapan Universal, ins, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDSpringsteen, BruceBorn To RunJapan Sony, obi, ins, miniature LP sleeve10,00
CDSpringsteen, BruceBorn To Run box  Columbia, CD+2-DVD20,00
CDSpringsteen, BruceDevils & Dust  Columbia, CD+DVD6,00
CDSpringsteen, BruceGreatest HitsJapan Sony, obi, miniature LP sleeve17,00
CDSpringsteen, BruceGreatest HitsJapan Columbia, miniature LP sleeve8,00
CDSpringsteen, BruceLucky Town  Columbia6,00
CDSpringsteen, BruceMagic  Columbia, digipack6,00
CDSpringsteen, BruceNebraskaJapan Columbia, obi, miniature LP sleeve17,00
CDSpringsteen, BruceNebraska  Columbia6,00
CDSpringsteen, BruceThe Ghost Of Tom Joad  Columbia6,00
CDSpringsteen, BruceThe RiverJapan Sony, 2-CD, ins, inn, miniature LP sleeve12,00
CDST 37I Love To Talk, If There's Anything To Talk About  Emperor Jones10,00
CDStatic IconSlave  Modern Music8,00
CDStavely MakepeaceThe Scrap Iron Rhythm Revue  RPM records10,00
CDStereomotionApocalypse Forever  E-noxe8,00
CDStereomotionResistance 2012  E-noxe8,00
CDStereophonicsWord Gets Around  V2 music6,00
CDStewart, AlOn The Border  Disky5,00
CDStewart, RodIf We Fall In Love Tonight  Warner5,00
CDStewart, RodThe Best Of  Warner5,00
CDStill AliveTake Me With You   7,00
CDStills, StephenSame  Atlantic8,00
CDStingLive USA  Imtrat, 2-CD12,00
CDStingThe Soul Cages  A & M6,00
CDStone RosesTurns Into Stone  Silvertone records6,00
CDStone Temple PilotsNo. 4  Atlantic6,00
CDStone Temple PilotsSame  Atlantic6,00
CDStone Temple PilotsTiny Music...  Atlantic6,00
CDStonecakeUnder The Biketree  Silvertone records7,00
CDStonewallStoner  Akarma, cardsleeve10,00
CDStoogesStooges/Funhouse  Warner, 4-CD14,00
CDStray CatsBlast Off!  EMI, woc6,00
CDStray CatsChoo Choo Hot Fish  Great Pyramid records6,00
CD(Stray Cats) Brian Setzer & Stray CatsClassics  Capitol8,00
CDStreetsOriginal Pirate Material  Warner5,00
CDSuedeA New Morning  Sony5,00
CDSuedeHead Music  Sony6,00
CDSuicidal FlowersBurn Mother Burn  Delerium7,00
CDSukpatchTwenty-Three  Moshi Moshi records7,00
CDSuper Furry AnimalsLove Kraft  Rough Trade5,00
CDSuper Furry AnimalsRings Around The World  Epic5,00
CDSupertrampCrime Of The Century  A & M7,00
CDSutekhBorn Again -Collected Remixes 1999-2005  Leaf, 2-CD8,00
CDSutton, BryanReady To Go  Sugar Hill records6,00
CDSwarmStill At War  Gasm records, 2-CD8,00
CDSvarte PanNattvandring  Ant Nest records10,00
CDSwollen MembersBlack Magic  Battle Axe records, digipack6,00
CDT.A.T.U.200 km/h In The Wrong LaneJapan Interscope records, CD+DVD, stickers8,00
CD(Talking Heads) Byrne, DavidUh-Oh  Sire6,00
CDTangerine DreamAtlantic Walls  TDI-music6,00
CDTangerine DreamCyclone  Virgin6,00
CDTangerine DreamFrom Dawn 'til Dusk 1973-1988  Music Club5,00
CDTangerine DreamLogos Live  Virgin6,00
CDTangerine DreamRubyconJapan Virgin, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDTangerine DreamRubycon  Virgin6,00
CDTangerine DreamSame  Disky (VI854382)4,00
CDTangerine DreamSame (compilation)  Disky (VI873772)4,00
CDTangerine DreamStratosfear  Virgin6,00
CDTangerine DreamThe Collection  Castle6,00
CDTangerine DreamThe Essential  Virgin6,00
CDTangerine DreamWhite Eagle  Virgin6,00
CDTaprootBlue-Sky Research  Atlantic6,00
CDTarbabyFebruary  Gear Fab records8,00
CDTaxirideImaginate  WEA5,00
CDTaylor, Chip and Carrie RodriguezRed Dog Tracks  Train Wreck6,00
CDTaylor, James QuartetWait a Minute  Polydor5,00
CDTekton Motor CorporationHuman Race Ignition  Dreamtime recording6,00
CDTelephone Jim JesusA Point Too FAr To Astronaut...  Anticon records8,00
CDTelephone Jim JesusAnywhere Out Of The Everything  Anticon records, digipack8,00
CDTen Years AfterSameJapan Deram, miniature LP sleeve, obi20,00
CDTen Years AfterSame  Deram6,00
CDTen Years AfterStonedhengeJapan Deram, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDTen Years AfterUndead  Deram6,00
CDTenacious DSame  Epic5,00
CDTerrorvisionGood To Go  Roadrunner records6,00
CDTexasThe Greatest Hits  Mercury5,00
CDThe TheNakedSelf  Nothing6,00
CDTherapy?High Anxiety  Spitfire6,00
CDTherapy?Troublegum  A & M6,00
CDThievery CorporationThe Mirror Conspiracy  4AD7,00
CDThirty Seconds To MarsSame  Immortal records6,00
CDThirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War  EMI6,00
CDThompson, ChrisWon't Lie Down  Eagle records6,00
CDThomson, Dawn & Jon Ballantyne QuartetLittle Feet, Little Hands  CD-Kandela8,00
CDThorogood, GeorgeBorn To Be Bad  EMI-Manhattan6,00
CDThorogood, GeorgeThe Baddest Of  EMI6,00
CDThree FishSame  Epic, digipack6,00
CDTikaram, TanitaEverybody's Angel  Eastwest6,00
CDTikaram, TanitaLovers In The City  Eastwest5,00
CDTimebombThe Beat Is Here Fellas  X Cane records, digipack7,00
CDTimesAlternative Commercial Crossover  Creation records5,00
CDToad The Wet SprocketFear  Columbia6,00
CDTomatitoGuitarra Gitana  Nuevos Medios6,00
CDTomlinson, TrentCountry Is My Rock  Lyric Street8,00
CDTotoFahrenheit  CBS6,00
CDTotoIsolation  CBS6,00
CDTotoIVJapan Columbia, ins, obi14,00
CDTotoKingdom Of Desire  Columbia5,00
CDTotoThe Seventh One  Columbia6,00
CDTrafficHeaven Is In Your MindJapan Island, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDTrafficSameJapan Island, ins, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDTrafficSame - remastered  Island6,00
CDTrainDrops Of Jupiter  Columbia6,00
CDTrainFor Me, It's You  Columbia6,00
CDTraveling WilburysTraveling Wilburys Vol. 3  Warner6,00
CDTravers, PatThe Best Of  Polydor7,00
CDTravisThe Man Who  Sony6,00
CDTribe Of CroHydroculture  U.F. Cro records12,00
CDTribe Of CroSporadic Spiro-Gyra  Emergency Broadcast System12,00
CDTrimble, BobbHarvest Of Dreams  Radioactive records6,00
CDTripletsThicker Than Water  Mercury6,00
CDTT'sAccelerator  TCT records8,00
CDTucker, TanyaFire To Fire  Liberty6,00
CDTucker, TanyaWhat Do I Do With Me  Capitol6,00
CDTucker,TanyaComplicated  Capitol6,00
CDTundra, MaxParallax Error Beheads You  Domino recording6,00
CDTurbonegroRetox  SLR6,00
CDTurner, JoeLive: Shake, Rattle And Roll  Pilz5,00
CDTurner, TinaPrivate Dancer  Capitol6,00
CDTurpentinesAmerican Music For American People  White Jazz7,00
CDTwelvePerfectly Safe  Jarring Effects, digipack8,00
CDTyler, BonnieThe Ultimate Collection  BMG, 3-CD8,00
CDTyler, BonnieWings  Stick music6,00
CDU2How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb  Island, DVD+CD+book12,00
CDU2Live - Under a Blood Red Sky - remastered  Island6,00
CDU2Songs Of Innocence  Island6,00
CDU2The Joshua Tree box  Island, 2-CD+DVD box20,00
CDU2War - remastered  Island6,00
DVDU2Elevation 2002 - Live From Boston  Island, 2-DVD8,00
DVDU2Go Home (Live From Slane Castle Ireland)  Island6,00
DVDU2Rattle And Hum  Island6,00
CDUehSameJapan Acid Mothers Temple, 2-CD10,00
CDUncle KrackerDouble Wide  Lava records6,00
CDUncle KrackerNo Stranger To Shame  Lava records6,00
CDUnseen GuestOut There  Tuition7,00
CDUnterArtNoise & Grace  SPV8,00
CDUrban Myth ClubHelium  TRL music7,00
CDWagon ChristMusipal  Ninja Tune, digipack7,00
CDWailersLiveWire!!!  Norton records7,00
CDWainwright, MarthaI Know You're Married, But I've Got...  Drowned In Sound6,00
CDWainwright, RufusRelease The Stars  Geffen6,00
CDWainwright, RufusWant One  Dreamworks7,00
CDWaits, TomAsylum Years  Asylum6,00
CDWaits, TomFranks Wild Years  Island6,00
CD(Waits, Tom) SoundtrackOne From The Heart  Columbia6,00
CDWakeman, Oliver BandComing To Town - Live In Katowice  Metal Mind, digipack8,00
CDWakeman, RickJourney To The Center Of The Earth  Membran music, 2-CD7,00
CDWakeman, RickThe Six Wives Of Henry VIII  A & M6,00
CDValensiaGaia IIJapan Avalon8,00
CDWalsh, JoeOrdinary Average Guy  Epic6,00
CDWalsh, JoeThe Best Of  MCA6,00
CDVan Zandt, TownesThe Masters  Eagle records6,00
CDVarious21 Beggars Banquet  Beggars Banquet, LP size cover, promo, insert20,00
CDVariousBadmutha's - Original Black Movie Hits  Music Collectors Int.6,00
CDVariousBlues Legends  Woodford music4,00
CDVariousCopenhagen Space Rock Festival 2002  Burnt Hippie recordings7,00
CDVariousDown Home Blues Classics - Chicago 1946-54  Boulevard Vintage, 4-CD box12,00
CDVariousFun With Mushrooms  Delerium records10,00
CDVariousHome Alive - The Art Of Self Defense  Epic, 2-CD8,00
CDVariousLegends Of The Blues  Golden Stars4,00
CDVariousLeonardo - The Absolute Man  Magna Carta6,00
CDVariousLong Way Round - Music From The TV Series  EMI5,00
CDVariousLoud Rocks  Epic6,00
CDVariousMission: Impossible 2  Hollywood records7,00
CDVariousMotown Chartbusters Vol. 4  Spectrum4,00
CDVariousMotown Chartbusters Vol. 5  Spectrum4,00
CDVariousWoodstock Diary  Atlantic6,00
DVDVariousEd Sullivan's - Fabulous Females/Bad Boys Of...  Eagle, PAL7,00
CDWaterboysThe Best Of '81-'90  Ensign records6,00
CD(Waterboys) Scott, MikeStill Burning  Chrysalis6,00
CDWaters, MuddyHard Again  Blue Sky6,00
CDVaughan, JimmieOut There  Epic, woc6,00
CDVaughan, Stevie RayCouldn't Stand The Weather  Epic6,00
CDVaughan, Stevie RayIn The Beginning  Epic, woc6,00
CDVaughan, Stevie RaySoul To Soul  Epic6,00
CDVaughan, Stevie RayTexas Flood  Epic6,00
CDWeather ReportBlack Market  Columbia6,00
CDWeather ReportSame  Columbia6,00
CDVelvet UndergroundAnother ViewJapan Verve, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDVelvet UndergroundSame - remastered  Polydor6,00
CDVertigo StepsDisappear Here In The Reel World / A Vs. Coda  Ethereal Sound Works6,00
CDVertigo StepsSurface/Light  Ethereal Sound Works6,00
CDVerveThis Is Music: The Singles 92-98  EMI6,00
CDVerveUrban Hymns  Hut records6,00
CDWetton, JohnArkangel  Store For Music10,00
CDWhite PlainsMy Baby Loves Lovin'  Deram6,00
CDWhite StripesGet Behind Me Satan  XL recordings6,00
CDWhite, Joy LynnThe Lucky Few  Mercury6,00
CDWhite, Joy LynnWild Love  Columbia6,00
CDWhoLive At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970  Eagle records, 2-CD6,00
CDWhoWho Are You  Polydor6,00
CDWhoWho's Next  Polydor6,00
DVDWhoMaximum R & B Live  Universal, 2-DVD10,00
DVDWhoThe Kids Are Alright  Sanctuary6,00
CD(Who) Townshend, PeteThe Iron Man  Virgin6,00
CD(Who) VariousSubstitute - The Songs Of The Who  Edel records7,00
CDVigilanteWar Of Ideas  Black Rain records, 2-CD8,00
CDWigmore, GinGravel & Wine  Island6,00
CDWildheratsThe Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed  ZYX musix8,00
CDWilson, BrianThat Lucky Old Sun  Capitol8,00
CDVinesHighly Evolved  Capitol7,00
CDVinesWinning Days  Capitol10,00
CDWinslow-King, LukeBlue Mesa  Bloodshot records, digipack6,00
CDWinter, JohnnyGold  Gold4,00
CDWinter, JohnnyLive In Houston Busted In Austin  Magnum Music group8,00
CDWinter, JohnnyRaised On Rock  RockMelody6,00
CDWinter, JohnnySuicide Won't Satisfy  Thunderbolt6,00
CDWinter, JohnnyThe Progressive Blues Experiment - remastered  Capitol6,00
CDWinwood, SteveChronicles  Island6,00
CDWinwood, SteveKeep On Running  Island6,00
CDVocokeshIspepnaibara  Lexicon Devil7,00
CDVoice In TimeDangerous Town  Zero Hour records6,00
CDWomack, BobbyThe Best Of The Poet Trilogy  Music Club5,00
CDWomack, BobbyThe Poet II  Charly6,00
CDWomack, Lee AnnThe Season For Romance  MCA6,00
CDWonder, StevieWonderlove Soul TV, NYC 1972  Roxvox7,00
CDWonderfoolsFuture Classics  Wild Kingdom6,00
CDVonraySame  Elektra6,00
CDWord Of LifeDust  Subliminal Sounds8,00
CDWreckin' BallLords Of The Dead - part II  Tombstone records8,00
CDWright, Luther & The WrongsRebuild The Wall  Snakeye Muzak8,00
CDWynette, TammyCollector's Edition  Epic5,00
CDYearwood, TrishaHeaven, Heartache And The Power Of Love  Big Machine records6,00
CDYearwood, TrishaJasper County  MCA6,00
CDYearwood, TrishaWhere Your Road Leads  MCA6,00
CDYesAstral Traveller  Brilliant5,00
CDYesBig GeneratorJapan Eastwest, obi, miniature LP sleeve20,00
CDYesBig Generator  Atco6,00
CDYesExtended Versions  Collectables6,00
CDYesIntroducing  Ear music, digipack6,00
CDYesYes And Friends  Music Sessions4,00
CDYesYes, Friends And Relatives  Elap6,00
CDYesYessongs - remastered  Atlantic8,00
CDYesYesstory  Atco, 2-CD8,00
CDYorke, ThomThe Eraser  XL recordings, cardsleeve5,00
CDYoung Heart AttackMouthful Of Love  XL6,00
CDYoung, NeilAre You Passionate?  Reprise6,00
CDYoung, NeilGreatest Hits  Reprise6,00
CDYoung, NeilHarvest Moon  Reprise6,00
CDYoung, NeilLanding On Water  Geffen6,00
CDYoung, NeilOld Ways  Geffen6,00
CDYoung, NeilReactor  Reprise6,00
CDYoung, NeilThis Note's For You  Reprise6,00
CDZeromancerSinners International  Soul Food, digipack8,00
CDZiblar, LonnyLZAG 006  LZ8,00
CDZiblat, LonnySongs From The Drawer  Multi-Polar music, digipack8,00
CDZutonsTired Of Hanging Around  Deltasonic records6,00
CDZwanMary Star Of The Sea  Reprise7,00
CDZZ TopGreatest Hits  Warner6,00
CDZZ TopMescalero  RCA6,00
CDZZ TopRecycler  Warner6,00

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