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LPAavikkoMonopoly  Ektro records20,00
LPAavikkoOkeanos  Ektro16,00
LPAbiogenesiIo Sono Il Vampiro  Black Widow records20,00
LPAbiogenesiLe Notti Di Salem  Black Widow records20,00
LPAbramis BramaTusen År  Black Lodge25,00
LPAC/DCThe Razors Edge  Columbia19,00
LPAcceptI'm a Rebel  Generation, picture disc22,00
LPAcceptSame  Generation, picture disc22,00
LPAcceptSymphonic Terror - Live At Wacken 2017  Nuclear Blast, 3-LP box49,00
LPAcid Mothers TempleBenzaiten  Imprec, 2-LP30,00
LPAcid Mothers TempleWake To a New Dawn Of Another Astro Era  Important records, 2-LP29,00
LPAerosmithNight In The Ruts  Music On Vinyl, RSD 201419,00
LPAffinitySame  Repertoire25,00
LPAgnes StrangeStrange Flavour  Radiation22,00
LPAinigmaDiluvium  Long Hair24,00
LPAkkerman, JanLive In Concert - The Hague 2007  Superior22,00
LPAkronIl Tempio Di Ferro  Black Widow, ltd 400 copies25,00
LPAktorParanoia  Full Contact records15,00
LPAlbino RhinoUpholder   15,00
LPAmon AmarthOnce Sent From The Golden Hall  Metal Blade records22,00
LPAmon AmarthThe Avenger  Metal Blade records22,00
LPAmon AmarthVersus The World  Metal Blade records22,00
LPAmoralFallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows  Imperial Cassette, 2-LP24,00
LPAndromedaSame  Repertoire22,00
LPAndwellas DreamLove And Poetry  Oak records25,00
LPAnekdotenWaking The Dead, Live In Japan 2005  Virta, 2-LP25,00
LPAngkor WatWhen Obscenity Becomes The Norm...Awake  Death records10,00
LPAnswerEveryday Demons  Steamhammer, 2-LP24,00
LPAnthraxChile On Hell  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 2-LP39,00
LPAnthraxFistful Of Metal/Armed And Dangerous  Megaforce records, 3-10" records45,00
LPAnvilAbsolutely No Alternative  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 33325,00
LPAnvilJuggernaut Of Justice  Steamhammer, 2-LP, coloured vinyl19,00
LPAnvilPounding The Pavement  SPV, 2-LP29,00
LPAphrodite's ChildEnd Of The World  Music on Vinyl, gold vinyl25,00
LPApocalypseFaithless  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 250 copies29,00
LPAppiceSinister  Steamhammer, 2-LP29,00
LPArch EnemyDead Eyes See No Future EP  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, white vinyl, 10"28,00
LPArchitectural MetaphorCreature Of The Velvet Void  Black Widow records22,00
LPArmored SaintSymbol Of Salvation  Metal Blade records25,00
LPArt BearsWinter Songs  Ektro records18,00
LPAsterixSame  Long Hair24,00
LPAtomic RoosterIn Hearing Of  Music On Vinyl25,00
LPAtomic RoosterLive At The BBC & Other Transmissions  Repertoire, 2-LP24,00
LPAtomic RoosterNice 'n' Greasy  Music On Vinyl24,00
LPAtrocityAtlantis  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 2-LP, ltd 350 copies39,00
LPAudienceSame  Lilith, LP+CD20,00
LPAutopsySign Of The Corpse  Peaceville20,00
LPAyreonThe Source  Music Theories recordings, 2-LP32,00
LPBaldwin And LepsSame  Vanguard20,00
LPBandThe Last Waltz  Rhino, 6-LP box95,00
LPBangMusic  New Music - Green Tree25,00
LPBass CommunionCenotaph  Tonefloat, 2-LP35,00
LPBaxter StockmanHaul  Full Contact records16,00
LPBaxter StockmanPunter  Kult Of Nihilow15,00
LPBeatlesOne  EMI, 2-LP39,00
LPBeautiful CreaturesDeuce  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, red vinyl, ltd 30025,00
LPBedlamDemos Anthology 1968-70  Acid Nightmare, Cozy Powell24,00
LPBegravnings EntreprenörernaJämna Plågor  Full Contact records16,00
LPBell, MaggieQueen Of The Night  Akarma, 180g vinyl17,00
LPBenSame  Repertoire25,00
LPBensiiniR  Full Contact records15,00
LPBevis FrondBevis Through The Looking Glass  Cherry Red records, 2-LP30,00
LPBevis FrondThe Auntie Winnie Album  Cherry Red records, 2-LP30,00
LPBevis FrondWe're Your Friends, Man  Fire records, 2-LP30,00
LPBiglietto Per L'infernoTral l'assurdo e la Ragione  AMS records27,00
LPBill HillMaps And Signs  RD records25,00
LPBjörkJoga  One Little Indian, 2-LP, 200g vinyl, numbered35,00
LPBlack Country CommunionBCCIV  Mascot records, 2-LP26,00
LPBlack Star RidersHeavy Fire  Nuclear Blast, picture disc17,00
LPBlack Star RidersHeavy Fire  Nuclear Blast24,00
LPBlack WidowIII  Repertoire25,00
LPBlackmore's NightA Knight In York  EMI, 2-LP25,00
LPBlind GuardianLive Beyond The Spheres  Nuclear Blast, 4-LP box50,00
LPBohemian VendettaSame  Tapestry records20,00
LPBond, GrahamLive At The BBC  Repertoire, 2-LP25,00
LPBonfireLive In Wacken  LZ records25,00
LPBonfireTemple Of Lies  AFM records29,00
LPBonnet, GrahamMeanwhile Back In The Garage  Frontiers records, 2-LP32,00
LPBowie, DavidBowie At The Beeb  Parlophone, 4-LP89,00
LPBowie, DavidDavid Live  Parlophone, 3-LP32,00
LPBowie, DavidDiamond Dogs  Parlophone22,00
LPBowie, DavidGlastonbury 2000  Parlophone, 3-LP50,00
LPBowie, DavidLive Santa Monica '72  Parlophone, 2-LP29,00
LPBowie, DavidLodger  Parlophone25,00
LPBowie, DavidPeter And The Wolf  Music On Vinyl, coloured vinyl, numbered25,00
LPBowie, DavidPinups  Simply Vinyl, 180 g vinyl32,00
LPBowie, DavidSame (Space Oddity)  Parlophone25,00
LPBowie, DavidScary Monsters  Parlophone25,00
LPBowie, DavidThe Man Who Sold The World  Parlophone25,00
LP(Bowie, David) Spiders From MarsSame  Music On Vinyl, coloured vinyl24,00
LP(Boys) YobsThe Worst Of Yobs  Knock Out Records20,00
LPBragg, BillyMr Love Justice  Let Them Eat Vinyl19,00
LPBruce, JackLive In America  Let Them Eat Vinyl, 2-LP30,00
LPBruce, JackLive In Denver  Concerts On Vinyl, 2-LP25,00
LPBruce, Jack & Robin TrowerSeven Moons  Repertoire22,00
LPBrujeriaPocho Aztlan  Nuclear Blast, 2-LP, yellow vinyl19,00
LPBuckley, TimSame  Music On Vinyl20,00
LPBurzumThe Ways Of Yore  Back On Black, 2-LP, coloured vinyl26,00
LPCactus'Ot 'n' Sweat  Music On Vinyl25,00
LPCactusSame  Music On Vinyl24,00
LPCamelMoonmadness  Music On Vinyl, silver vinyl27,00
LPCaptain BeefheartMerseytrout-Live 1980  Ozit Morpheus records, 2-LP35,00
LPCathedralThe Last Spire  Rise Above records, 2-LP32,00
LPCentinexReborn Through Flames  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 333 copies27,00
LPChainsawWe Are Not Very Nice  Rave Up Records15,00
LPChapman, MichaelThe Resurrection And Revenge Of The Clayton...  Rural Retreat records, ltd 500 copies22,00
LPChastain, David T.Elegant Seduction  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, orange splatter, ltd 22225,00
LPCheap TrickAuld Lang Syne - New Year's Eve 1979  Let Them Eat Vinyl, 2-LP27,00
LPChicken BonesHardrock In Concert  Long Hair24,00
LPChildren Of BodomBlooddrunk  Spinefarm24,00
LPChildren Of BodomHatebreeder  Back On Black, picture disc19,00
LPChildren Of BodomSomething Wild  Back On Black, picture disc19,00
LPCircleFraten  Full Contact records, 2-LP19,00
LPCircleHollywood  Full Contact records, 2-LP20,00
LPCircleLeviatan  Full Contact records12,00
LPCircleMeronia  Full Contact records, 2-LP22,00
LP(Circle) FalconFrontier  Full Contact records16,00
LP(Circle) Westerlund, Janne & Jyrki NissinenKehittymättömät Ufot  Zum Teufel, LP+CD+comic book (205 pages)45,00
LPClassic RuinsRoom Starts Spinning  Rave Up records15,00
LPCoheed And CambriaYear Of The Black Rainbow  Columbia, 2-LP, 180g vinyl29,00
LPColosseumDaughter Of Time  Music On Vinyl, gold vinyl25,00
LPColosseumValentyne Suite  Music On Vinyl24,00
LPComusFirst Utterance  Music On Vinyl25,00
LPCooder, Ry And Corridos FamososLive San Francisco  Nonesuch records, 2-LP + CD40,00
LPCooper, AliceA Paranormal Evening With...  Ear music, 2-LP, coloured vinyl28,00
LPCooper, AliceBrutal Planet  Ear music, LP+CD25,00
LPCooper, AliceDada  Warner, orange swirl vinyl24,00
LPCooper, AliceFlush The Fashion  Warner, green swirl vinyl24,00
LPCooper, AliceGoes To Hell  Warner, orange vinyl24,00
LPCooper, AliceLace And Whiskey  Warner, whiskey brown vinyl24,00
LPCooper, AliceLive At The Whisky A-Go-Go 1969  Manifesto18,00
LPCooper, AliceParanormal  Ear music, 2-LP + CD27,00
LPCooper, AliceRaise The Dead - Live From Wacken box  UDR, 3-LP + Blu-ray box75,00
LPCooper, AliceThe Last Temptation  Music On Vinyl24,00
LPCooper, AliceZipper Catches Skin  Warner, clear/black swirl vinyl24,00
LPCope, JossUnrequited Lullabies  Gare Du Nord records15,00
LPCornwell, HughHooverdam  Invisible hands music30,00
LPCosmic DealerChild Of Tomorrow  World In Sound, w/7" single + poster45,00
LPCosmic Trip MachineGolden Horus Name  Nasoni records25,00
LPCostello, ElvisSecret, Profane & Sugarcane  Specialty records, 2-LP25,00
LPCressidaAsylum  Repertoire19,00
LPCressidaSame  Repertoire19,00
LPCroce, JimLost Time In a Bottle  Cleopatra records, 2-LP27,00
LPCrosby, Stills & NashDemos  Rhino, 180g vinyl34,00
LPCrowbarEquilibrium  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 333 copies27,00
LPCrownHell Is Here  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 500 copies29,00
LPCrystal PhoenixTwa Jorg-J-Draak Saga  Black Widow records22,00
LPDandelionSame  Bad Afro records, M-LP16,00
LPDanko JonesBelow The Belt  Bad Taste records19,00
LPDanko JonesSleep Is The Enemy  Bad Taste records20,00
LPDanzigBlack Laden Crown  AFM records29,00
LPDark Buddha RisingII  Neurot recordings24,00
LPDark SunFeed Your Mind  Space Rock productions, 2-LP25,00
LPDark SunFeed Your Mind  Space Rock productions, 2-LP, blue vinyl25,00
LPDark TranquillityOf Chaos And Eternal Night  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, M-LP, ltd 500 copies28,00
LPDarknessLast Of Our Kind  Canary Dwarf, coloured vinyl28,00
LPDarknessThe Gasoline Solution  HR records25,00
LPDarxtarWe Came Too Late  Nasoni27,00
LP(Darxtar) Pseudo SunLive Ghosts  very limited pressing19,00
LPDawnbringerX X  Full Contact, M-LP15,00
LPDeath SSSeventh Seal  Black Widow, ltd 260 copies, 2-LP59,00
LPDeath TripMadhouse  Full Contact records16,00
LPDeath TripPain Is Pain - The Complete Death Trip 1988-1994  Full Contact records15,00
LPDeep BlueSun Worshiper  Church Within records, 10"12,00
LPDeep PurpleCome Taste The Band  Universal25,00
LPDeep PurpleFireball  Harvest, purple vinyl25,00
LPDeep PurpleIn Concert With The London Symphony Orchestra  Ear music, 3-LP+2-CD35,00
LPDeep PurpleIn Rock  Harvest, purple vinyl25,00
LPDeep PurpleInfinite  Ear music, 2-LP + DVD22,00
LPDeep PurpleInfinite - Live Recordings Vol. 1  Ear Music, 3-LP28,00
LPDeep PurpleLive At Montreux 2006  Cargo records, 2-LP, colored vinyl28,00
LPDeep PurpleLive In Graz 1975  Ear music, 2-LP26,00
LPDeep PurpleLong Beach 1976  Ear music, 3-LP27,00
LPDeep PurpleShades Of Deep Purple  Parlophone20,00
LPDeep PurpleStormbringer  Universal25,00
LPDelaney & BonnieA & R Studios 1971  Let Them Eat Vinyl, 2-LP30,00
LPDepeche ModeA Broken Frame  Mute records, Deluxe vinyl24,00
LPDepeche ModeSpirit  Columbia, 2-LP28,00
LPDiamond HeadAll Will Be Revealed  Back On Black24,00
LPDiamond HeadWhat's In Your Head?  Back On Black24,00
LPDoghouse BandLollipop River   20,00
LPDoomraiserLords Of Mercy  Bloodrock records, 2-LP30,00
LPDr. Strangely StrangeKip Of The Serenes  Universal, RSD 201530,00
LPDragonforceReaching Into Infinity  Ear Music, 2-LP24,00
LPDrake, NickA Treasury  Island14,00
LPDream TheaterA Change Of Seasons  Music On Vinyl, 2-LP29,00
LPDream TheaterDistance Over Time  Insideout, 2-LP+CD32,00
LPDream TheaterLive At Budokan  Music On Vinyl, 4-LP, coloured vinyl, numbered39,00
LPDream TheaterScore: 20th Anniversary World Tour  Music On Vinyl, coloured vinyl, 4-LP39,00
LPDream TheaterWhen Dream And Day Unite  Music On Vinyl, red vinyl25,00
LPDronesThe Attic Tapes 1975-82  Get Back16,00
LPDulcimerRoom For Thought  Sommor records24,00
LPDyble, JudyTalking With Strangers  Tonefloat22,00
LPDylan, BobDylan's Dream  Let Them Eat Vinyl22,00
LPDylan, BobThe Bootleg Series Vol. 9 - The Wimark Demos  Columbia, 4-LP99,00
LPEarthling SocietyZodiak  Nasoni25,00
LPEdguyMonuments box  Nuclear Blast, 4-LP box50,00
LPElfTrying To Burn The Sun  Music On Vinyl24,00
LPElixirAll Hallows Eve  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 250 copies28,00
LPEloySame  Music On Vinyl, green vinyl27,00
LPEno, Brian/Holland, RickDrums Between The Bells  Warp, 2-LP25,00
LPErlkoenigSame  Long Hair24,00
LPExitusStatutum Est Hominibus Mori  Svart records, w/ bonus CDEP, gold vinyl18,00
LPExmagmaGoldball  Long Hair24,00
LPExodusLive At DNA 2004 - Official Bootleg  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, red vinyl24,00
LPFacesOoh La La  Warner, poster, colored vinyl22,00
LPFairport Convention1967-2002 - The 35th Anniversary Album  Let Them Eat Vinyl, 2-LP25,00
LPFairport ConventionFrom Cropredy To Portmeirion  Let Them Eat Vinyl, 2-LP25,00
LPFaith No MoreIntroduce Yourself  Music On Vinyl20,00
LPFantasyy FactoryyAbracadabra  Psych-Out records, ltd 500 copies24,00
LPFantasyy FactoryyOde To Life  Psych-Out records, ltd 300 copies29,00
LPFantasyy FactoryyThis Is The Future Of Tomorrow...  Ohrwaschl records, ltd 100024,00
LPFarlowe, ChrisFrom Here To Mama Rosa  Repertoire19,00
LPFarlowe, ChrisLive At The BBC  Repertoire, 2-LP, numbered32,00
LPFastwayEat Dog Eat  Night Of The Vinyl Dead24,00
LPFates WarningAwaken The Guardian - Live  Metal Blade records, 2-LP30,00
LPFates WarningLive Over Europe  Insideout, 3-LP+2-CD32,00
LPFates WarningStill Life  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 2-LP, ltd 333 copies39,00
LPFear Falls BurningFrenzy Of The Absolute  Conspiracy records, 2-LP26,00
LPFear Falls BurningWhen Mystery Prevades The Well, The Promise...  Tonefloat records24,00
LPFlower KingManifesto Of An Alchemist  Insideout, 2-LP+CD27,00
LPFocusFocus 11  Focus music27,00
LPForbiddenGreen  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, green vinyl ltd 500 30,00
LPForestBBC Concert  Klimt17,00
LPFreedom HighwayMade In '68  RD records32,00
LPFriedhofSame  white vinyl22,00
LPFrijid PinkDefrosted  Repertoire20,00
LPFrijid PinkEarth Omen  Repertoire18,00
LPFrijid PinkSame  Repertoire18,00
LPGallagher, RoryLive At Montreux  Ear music, 2-LP+CD29,00
LPGallagher, RoryTop Priority  Music On Vinyl20,00
LPGalliardNew Dawn  Sweet Dandelion22,00
LPGamma RayEmpire Of The Undead  Ear music, 2-LP20,00
LPGarybaldiLive In Bloom  AMS records22,00
LPGarybaldiNote Perdute  AMS records29,00
LPGentle GiantThree Piece Suite  Alucard, 2-LP25,00
LPGeordieSave The World  Lilith records, LP+CD20,00
LPGiftBlue Apple  Long Hair27,00
LPGillanToolbox  Metal mind24,00
LPGillan, Ian & The JavelinsSame  Ear music28,00
LPGin LadySame  Transubstans records28,00
LPGoadIn The House Of The Dark Shining Dreams  Black Widow records, 2-LP30,00
LPGodsGenesis  Parlophone24,00
LPGolden Earring50 Years Anniversary Album  Music On Vinyl, gold vinyl, 3-LP39,00
LPGorefestLa Muerte  Night of the Vinyl Dead, 2-LP, ltd 500 copies38,00
LPGov't MuleDark Side Of The Mule  Provogue, 2-LP27,00
LPGov't Mule / John ScofieldSco-Mule  Provogue, 2-LP27,00
LPGraalTales Untold  Bloodrock records22,00
LPGrand MagusThe Hunt  Nuclear Blast, 2-LP, white vinyl22,00
LPGravy TrainStaircase To The Day  Music On Vinyl25,00
LPGreat WhiteRecovery: Live  Enigma7,00
LPGreen, Peter Splinter GroupDestiny Road  Madfish, 2-LP30,00
LPGreenslade, DaveCactus Choir  BGO records25,00
LPGrim ReaperSee You In Hell  Music On Vinyl, coloured vinyl24,00
LPGrim ReaperWalking In The Shadows  Back On Black, 2-LP25,00
LPGrip Inc.Solidify  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, green vinyl, ltd 50027,00
LPGrobschnittJumbo  Vertigo, 2-LP35,00
LPGroup 1850Paradise Now  Pseudonym records25,00
LP(Guns n' Roses) Duff McKagan's LoadedThe Taking  Ear music, LP+CD25,00
LP(Hardcore Superstar) Thomas SilverThe Gospel According To Thomas  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 33329,00
LPHarlots Of BeyondLake Of Faeries  Zombie, 10"20,00
LPHarlots Of BeyondSea Of Silence   25,00
LPHarlots Of BeyondThe Riddle Of The Sphinx  Zombie15,00
LPHarlots Of BeyondWinner  Moonster17,00
LPHarper, JesseShades of The Midnight..  Acme30,00
LPHarper, RoyReturn Of The Sophisticated Beggar  Music On Vinyl24,00
LPHarvey, Alex And His Soul BandSame  Polydor25,00
LPHarvey, Alex And His Soul BandShout  Polydor25,00
LPHautala, Heikki & Hyvät VeljetRauha Ja Harmonia  Full Contact records16,00
LPHawkwindInto The Woods  Cherry Red records, 2-LP30,00
LPHawkwindOnward  Back On Black, 2-LP, coloured vinyl65,00
LPHawkwindRoad To Utopia  Cherry Red32,00
LP(Hawkwind) VariousDaze Of The Underground - A Tribute To Hawkwind  Black Widow, 3-LP45,00
LPHaymarket RiotLive '67  RD records25,00
LPHazard WingsInterstellar Torment  Krypta records12,00
LPHeartLive In Atlantic City  Ear music, 2-LP30,00
LPHebosagilLähtö  Full Contact records16,00
LPHelden RuneThe Wisdom Through The Fear  Black Widow22,00
LPHexenhausJumalan Kosto 1984-1987  Svart records15,00
LPHiatt, JohnThe Open Road  New West records, 2-LP35,00
LPHillage, SteveMadison Square Garden 1977  Purple Pyramid, orange vinyl28,00
LPHopeajärviMahdotonta  Full Contact records16,00
LPHopeajärviSame  Full Contact records15,00
LPHoyle, LindaPieces Of Me  Repertoire25,00
LPHughes, GlennBuilding The Machine  Back On Black, 2-LP30,00
LPHughes, GlennBurning Japan Live  Back on Black, 2-LP30,00
LPHughes, GlennFeel  Back On Black, 2-LP30,00
LPHughes, GlennReturn Of The Crystal Karma  Back On Black, 2-LP30,00
LPHughes, GlennSongs In The Key Of Rock  Back On Black, 2-LP30,00
LPHughes, GlennThe Way It Is  Back On Black, 2-LP30,00
LPHunter, Ian Band w/Mick RonsonLive At Rockpalast  Let Them Eat Vinyl, 2-LP27,00
LP(Hurriganes) Remu & HurriganesLast Call - Live In Helsinki  Rip It Up, 2-LP32,00
LPHöstHardt Mot Hardt  Pan records25,00
LPHöstPå Sterke Vinger  Pan records25,00
LP(Höst) Deja-VuBetween The Leaves  Record heaven, picture disc25,00
LPHöyry-KoneHuono Parturi  Panorama records25,00
LPIfIf  Repertoire22,00
LPIfIf 2  Repertoire25,00
LPIhre KinderLive '82  ZYX music15,00
LPIn FlamesBattles  Nuclear Blast, 2-LP25,00
LPIrish CoffeeSame  Guerssen25,00
LPIron MagazineQueen Of Hell/Foes To Fire  Full Contact records, M-LP14,00
LPIron MaidenThe Complete Albums Collection 1980-1988  EMI, 3-LP, space for 5 LPs, incl. extra box150,00
LPIron MaidenVirtual XI  Parlophone, 2-LP30,00
LP(Iron Maiden) VariousSlave To The Power - The Tribute  I Used To Fuck, 2-LP20,00
LPJackson, GordonThinking Back  Sunbeam records24,00
LPJag PanzerDecade Of The Nail-Spiked Bat  HR records, 2-LP30,00
LPJag PanzerDissident Alliance  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd.500 copies, 2-LP35,00
LPJag PanzerThe Age Of Mastery  HR records22,00
LPJaklinSame  Earmark, 180g vinyl17,00
LPJellybreadSame  Akarma, 10"15,00
LPJesters Of DestinyFun At The Funeral  Full Contact records15,00
LPJesters Of DestinyThe Sorrows That Refuse To Drown  Full Contact records16,00
LPJet JaguarSpace Anthem  Black Widow records, 2-LP30,00
LPJethro TullMinstrel In The Gallery  Chrysalis, 40th anniversary edition22,00
LPJohn's ChildrenOrgasm  Radation records22,00
LPJokers WildLiquid Giraffe  Shadoks music, ltd 500 copies49,00
LPJonesySudden Prayers Make God Jump...  Night Wings records24,00
LPJoseph, Ernie / Big BrotherSouth East Tour  Akarma17,00
LPJudas PriestRocka Rolla  Repertoire18,00
LPJuvonen, VilleDifferent But The Same   17,00
LPKaipaChildren Of The Sounds  Insideout, 2-LP + CD25,00
LPKaipaInget Nytt Undet Solen  Tempus Fugit, orange vinyl, LP + CD29,00
LPKaipaSame  Tempus Fugit, LP + CD29,00
LPKaipaSolo  Tempus Fugit, green vinyl, LP + CD29,00
LPKamelChasing Tumbleweed  Green Ghost records, M-LP10,00
LPKansakunnan YlpeysSame  Full Contact records16,00
LPKansasLeftoverture - Live & Beyond  Insideout, 4-LP+2-CD52,00
LPKansasThe Prelude Implicit  Insideout, 2-LP+CD27,00
LPKap KapSame  Pingispong records14,00
LPKebnekajseAventure  Subliminal Sounds,ltd 500 copies25,00
LPKebnekajseIdioten  Subliminal Sounds27,00
LPKebnekajseSame  Subliminal Sounds24,00
LPKin Ping MehSame  Polydor24,00
LPKing CrimsonIn The Wake Of Poseidon  Panegyric24,00
LPKing CrimsonLizard  Panegyric, 200g vinyl24,00
LPKing CrimsonRed  DGM24,00
LPKing CrimsonStarless And Bible Black  Panegyrik, 200g vinyl24,00
LP(King Crimson) Travis & FrippDiscretion  Tonefloat, green vinyl22,00
LPKing DiamondGive Me Your Soul...Please  Massacre records, picture disc25,00
LPKing DiamondSongs For The Dead Live  Metal Blade, 2-LP29,00
LPKing's XSame  Music On Vinyl, green vinyl24,00
LPKinksKinda Kinks  Earmark, picture disc15,00
LPKinksSame  Earmark, picture disc15,00
LP(Kiss) Frehley, AceBronx Boy + 3  Entertainment One, M-LP29,00
LP(Kiss) Frehley, AceOrigins Vol. 1  Steamhammer, 2-LP30,00
LPKolanen, DileBoth Sides  Elastic House, 2-LP20,00
LPKolmasKolmas Testi  Full Contact records, poster15,00
LPKosmosPolku  Kosmos15,00
LPKosmosSalattu Maailma  Kosmos15,00
LPKreatorLive Kreation  Steamhammer, 3-LP35,00
LPKreatorViolence Unleashed  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, white vinyl, ltd 100030,00
LPKrokusBig Rocks  Columbia, 2-LP25,00
LPKrokusLong Stick Goes Boom - Live From Da House Of Rust  Sony, 2-LP25,00
LPLacrimosaTestimonium  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 2-LP, ltd 99955,00
LPLacuna CoilKarmacode  Century Media20,00
LPLeaf HoundGrowers Of Mushroom  Repertoire20,00
LPLed ZeppelinHow The West Was Won box  Atlantic, 4-LP box95,00
LPLee, AlvinRide On  Repertoire20,00
LPLegendFrontline  Full Contact records16,00
LPLegendMoonshine  Repertoire25,00
LPLehtisalo, JussiMaisteri  Full Contact records16,00
LPLife Of AgonySoul Searching Sun  Music On Vinyl, coloured vinyl24,00
LPLife Of AgonyUnplugged At The Lowlands Festival '97  Music On Vinyl, 2-LP, orange vinyl29,00
LPLivin' BluesHell's Session  Music On Vinyl, coloured vinyl26,00
LPLivin' BluesRocking At The Tweed Mill  Music On Vinyl, gold vinyl27,00
LPLord BaneAge Of Elegance  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 33327,00
LPLord FistGreen Eyleen  Full Contact records15,00
LPLord Vicar/Funeral CircleSplit LP  Soul Food22,00
LPLost SocietyBraindead  Nuclear Blast, 2-LP,silver vinyl17,00
LPLowe, NickQuality Street  Proper records22,00
LPLucifer's FriendBanquet  Repertoire18,00
LPLucifer's FriendSame  Universal24,00
LPLynyrd SkynyrdLive In Atlantic City  Ear music, 2-LP24,00
LPM:Pire Of EvilCrucified  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 333 copies30,00
LPMachine HeadThe Burning Red  Music On Vinyl, coloured vinyl24,00
LPMagmaRiah Sahiltaahk  Jazz Vilage15,00
LPMagna CartaLive In Bergen 1978  Vinyl Lovers19,00
LPMagnumSacred Blood "Divine" Lies  Steamhammer, 2-LP29,00
LPMagnumWings Of Heaven Live  Steamhammer, 3-LP+2-CD45,00
LPMalombraThe Dissolution Age  Black Widow, 2-LP28,00
LPMan2Ozs Of Plastic With a Hole In The Middle  Music On Vinyl25,00
LPManLive At The Marquee 1983  Let Them Eat Vinyl, 2-LP, white vinyl30,00
LPMandrahThe Other Side  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 33327,00
LPManfred Mann's Earth BandMann Alive  Creature music, 2-LP25,00
LPManiacsAin't No Legend  Get Back15,00
LPManic Street PreachersHoly Bible 20  Sony, picture disc, RSD 201527,00
LPMantasZero Tolerance  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, grey vinyl28,00
LPMaypoleSame  Vinilissimo25,00
LPMcCartney, PaulNew  Concord Music25,00
LPMcCoysHang On Sloopy  Get Back15,00
LPMcKagan, DuffBelieve In Me  Music On Vinyl, yellow vinyl25,00
LPMedicine HeadNew Bottles Old Medicine  Radiation22,00
LPMegadethKilling Is My Business... - The Final Kill  Century Media, 2-LP27,00
LPMegadethPeace Sells---But Who's Buying? box  Capitol, 3-LP + 5-CD box109,00
LPMegatonSame  Acme records30,00
LPMeliah RageDead To The World  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, white vinyl, ltd 25030,00
LPMendoza, MarcoViva La Rock  Target20,00
LPMercyful FateIn The Shadows  Metal Blade records22,00
LPMiller, FrankieLive  Mig, 2-LP, ltd 1000 copies25,00
LPMoonspellNight Eternal  Steamhammer, 2-LP24,00
LPMorrisseyThis Is Morrissey  Parlophone25,00
LPMotelli SkronkleJuna  Ektro records16,00
LPMotelli SkronkleSame  Ektro records16,00
LPMotelli SkronkleSusien Laki  Ektro records16,00
LPMotley CrueThe End - Live In Los Angeles  Universal, 2-LP + DVD42,00
LPMott The HoopleLive 2013  Back On Black, 2-LP, yellow vinyl30,00
LPMountainTwin Peaks  Music On Vinyl, 2-LP29,00
LPMudvayneLost And Found  Music On Vinyl, 2-LP, coloured vinyl30,00
LPMummi KutooSame  Svart records, 2-LP22,00
LPMy Dying BrideThe Dreadful Hours  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 2-LP45,00
LPNasumGrind Finale  Relapse records, 4-LP89,00
LPNasumInhale/Exhale  Vinyl Maniacs, picture disc20,00
LPNavasotaRootin'  Soundvision24,00
LPNazarethSame  Back On Black, coloured vinyl24,00
LPNew TrollsSame  Cetra26,00
LPNew TrollsSenza Orario Senza Bandiera  Cetra26,00
LPNevermoreThe Year Of The Voyager  Century Media, 3-LP32,00
LPNight Flight OrchestraInternal Affairs  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 2-LP35,00
LPNight Flight OrchestraSkyline Whispers  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 2-LP35,00
LPNightwishEnd Of An Era  Nuclear Blast, coloured vinyl, 3-LP32,00
LPNorthern UproarYesterday Tomorrow Today  Heavenly19,00
LPNostradamusAquarium  Shadoks Music49,00
LPNthnth SthsthSame  RTB14,00
LPNugent, TedShutup & Jam!  Soul Food24,00
LPObituarySame (2017)  Relapse recordings25,00
LPOctopus SyngBirds Of Morning Are Never Late  Nasoni15,00
LPOctopus SyngReverberating Garden Number 7  Mega Dodo, red vinyl15,00
LPOld Man GroomMickey Rookey Live At London  Full Contact records, 2-LP20,00
LPOmenThe Curse  Metal Blade records25,00
LPOn TrialForever  Bad Afro records20,00
LPOosten, MichaelSame  Comet20,00
LPOpethThe Roundhouse Tapes  Peaceville, 3-LP42,00
LPOrange GoblinA Eulogy For The Fans...  Back On Black, 2-LP26,00
LPOrange WedgeNo One Left But Me  Wah Wah records24,00
LPOzric TentaclesAt The Pongmasters Ball  Madfish, 2-LP29,00
LP(Ozric Tentacles) Wynne, EdShimmer Into Nature  Kscope27,00
LPPaatosSensors  Mellotronen19,00
LPPakasteetMolten Salt  Full Contact records17,00
LPPanteraDriven By Demons - Live Radio Broadcast  Back On Black, 2-LP, coloured vinyl30,00
LPParadise LostBelieve In Nothing  Nuclear Blast25,00
LPParadise LostTragic Illusion 25  Century Media, 10" + CD22,00
LPParzivalLegend  Sireena20,00
LPPell, Axel RudiLive On Fire  Steamhammer, 3-LP37,00
LPPentangleSame  Music On Vinyl24,00
LPPharaoh Overlord#1  Full Contact records, 2-LP22,00
LPPharaoh Overlord3  Ektro records15,00
LPPharaoh OverlordChewing Gum - Live  Full contact Records20,00
LPPharaoh OverlordZero  Ektro records16,00
LPPhasedSame  Space Rock productions, 2-LP, red vinyl26,00
LPPhenomenaBlind Faith  Music On Vinyl, green vinyl25,00
LPPink FairiesChinese Cowboys - Live 1987  Let Them Eat Vinyl, 2-LP20,00
LPPink FloydThe Dark Side Of The Moon  Parlophone records25,00
LPPink FloydWish You Were Here  Parlophone records25,00
LPPitiful ReignVisual Violence  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd. 300 copies24,00
LPPlain RideSkeleton Kites  Full Contact records15,00
LPPoisonSeven Days Live  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 2-LP, ltd 350 copies35,00
LPPoltergeistNothing Lasts Forever  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, splatter vinyl27,00
LP(Porcupine Tree) Wilson, Steven & Dirk SerriesContinuum I & II  Tonefloat, 3-LP, numbered49,00
LPPremiata Forneria MarconiA Ghost  Immaginifica, LP + CD27,00
LPPresenceThe Sleeper Awakes + Live  Black Widow, 2-LP28,00
LPPretty ThingsGet The Picture ?  Norton30,00
LPPretty ThingsLive At BBC Paris Theatre 1974  Repertoire, blue vinyl22,00
LPPretty ThingsLive At The BBC  Repertoire, 2-LP25,00
LPPsychic TVLive At Thee Marquee  Let Them Eat Vinyl, 2-LP17,00
LPQ65Revival  Music On Vinyl, whie vinyl, numbered22,00
LPQuartzFear No Evil  HR records22,00
LPQueenA Night At The Odeon  EMI, 2-LP45,00
LPQueenBohemian Rhapsody (soundtrack)  Queen productions, 2-LP32,00
LPQueensrychePromised Land  Back On Black22,00
LPQuiet RiotDown To The Bone  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 2-LP, ltd 350 copies35,00
LPQuiet RiotRehab  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 2-LP, ltd 35035,00
LPRageSeasons Of The Black  Nuclear Blast, 2-LP29,00
LPRageThe Devil Strikes Again  Nuclear Blast, 2-LP, white vinyl18,00
LPRageThe Soundchaser Archives - 30th Anniversary  Nuclear Blast, 4-LP box49,00
LPRainbowLive In Japan  Ear music, 3-LP+2-CD35,00
LPRainbowMonsters Of Rock - Live At Donington 1980  Ear music, 2-LP+CD32,00
LPRamone, Dee DeeHop Around  Woimasointu15,00
LP(Ramone, Dee Dee) Youth Gone MadSame  Trend Is Dead, picture disc26,00
LP(Ramones) VariousRock 'n' Roll High School  Sire16,00
LPRatsThe Rise And Fall Of Bernie Gripplestone...  Get Back15,00
LPRay GunSotamuistoja - Recordings 1985-1995  Kämäset Levyt, M-LP, white vinyl14,00
LPReaktioPakkokatko  Woimasointu15,00
LPRenaissanceIllusion  Repertoire19,00
LPRenaissanceSame  Repertoire19,00
LPRenaissanceScheherazade And Other Stories  Repertoire18,00
LPRiotArmy Of One  Metal Blade records, 2-LP29,00
LPRiotNarita  Metal Blade20,00
LPRiotThrough The Storm  Metal Blade records, 2-LP29,00
LPRiot VArmor Of Light  Nuclear Blast, 2-LP25,00
LPRiverBroken Window  Church Within records, 10"12,00
LPRivetteIn Vertigo  Ektro15,00
LPRivetteMarooned (Prelude)  Full contact records, M-LP14,00
LPRodsWild Dogs  SPV, coloured vinyl22,00
LPRoland, PaulPavane  Black Widow, 2-LP28,00
LPRoland, PaulStrychnine...And Other Potent Poisons  Black Widow records20,00
LPRolling StonesExile On Main St box  Polydor, 2-LP, 2-CD, DVD, book box99,00
LPRonson, MickJust Like This  Easy Action27,00
LPRonson, MickSlaughter On 10th Avenue  Music On Vinyl20,00
LPRose TattooSame  Repertoire, red vinyl, LP+CD26,00
LPRose TattooSouthern Stars  Repertoire20,00
LPRoss The BossBy Blood Sworn  AFM records29,00
LPRotorSemmi Nem Eleg  Hungarian heavy band, ltd 330 copies15,00
LPRoxx GangThe Voodoo You Love  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 250 copies25,00
LPRoyal HuntLand Of Broken Hearts  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, light blue vinyl27,00
LPRoyal HuntShow Me How To Live  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 350 copies28,00
LPRoyal HuntX  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 350 copies25,00
LPRumplestiltskinBlack Magician  Soundvision24,00
LPRundgren, Todd UtopiaLive At Hammersmith Odeon 1975  Vinyl Lovers17,00
LPRushABC 1974  Back On Black, 2-LP, ltd coloured vinyl22,00
LPRushRoll The Bones  Anthem30,00
LPRäjäyttäjätFlossing To the Fall  Full Contact records16,00
LPRäjäyttäjätKunnon Rokkia Eikä Mitään Syntikoita  Full Contact records, M-LP15,00
LPRäjäyttäjätRäjä Elektrik Millenium  Full Contact, 2-LP22,00
LPRämlordWe Are The Night  M-LP, picture disc15,00
LPRättö Ja LehtisaloKovaa Kamaa  Full Contact, 2-LP22,00
LPRöyhkä, KaukoEtelän Peto  Svart records, white vinyl18,00
LPSabatonThe Last Stand  Nuclear Blast, 2-LP, green vinyl20,00
LPSad MinistrelThe Flight Of The Phoenix  Black Widow22,00
LPSadusLive In Chile  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 500 copies27,00
LPSagaII  Mellotronen, Swedish prog rock, M-LP15,00
LPSagaIII  Mellotronen, Swedish prog rock, M-LP15,00
LPSagaLive In Hamburg  Ear music, 2-LP24,00
LPSaksetLahja  Full Contact14,00
LPSamadhiSame  Vinyl Magic28,00
LPSand SnowmanThe Twilight Game   19,00
LPSatin WhaleLost Mankind  Long Hair24,00
LPSatin WhaleWhalecome  Long Hair, 2-LP35,00
LPSatriani, JoeIs There Love In Space?  Music On Vinyl, 2-LP29,00
LPSatriani, JoeWhat Happens Next  Legacy, 2-LP27,00
LPSavatageFight For The Rock  Vinyl Maniacs, picture disc14,00
LPSaxonSame  Back On Black, picture disc20,00
LPSaxonStrong Arm Of The Law  Back On Black, picture disc20,00
LPSaxonWheels Of Steel  Back On Black, picture disc20,00
LPSchenker, MichaelFest-Live Tokyo International Forum Hall A  Inakustik, 2-LP16,00
LP(Schenker, Michael) MSGThe 30th Anniversary Concert - Live In Tokyo  Inakustik, 2-LP20,00
LP(Schenker, Michael) Schenker/Barden Acoustic ProjectGipsy Lady  Inakustik, 180g vinyl17,00
LPSchulze, Klaus & Pete NamlookThe Dark Side Of The Moog Vol. 3  Music On Vinyl, 2-LP29,00
LPSchulze, Klaus & Pete NamlookThe Dark Side Of The Moog Vol. 4  Music On Vinyl, 2-LP29,00
LPSeger, BobEast Side Story  Subway records22,00
LPSepulturaMachine Messiah  Nuclear Blast, 2-LP25,00
LPSex PistolsThe Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle  Virgin, 2-LP24,00
LPShaved WiomenJust Death  Full Contact records15,00
LPShocking Blue3rd Album  Music On Vinyl25,00
LPShocking BlueAttila  Music On Vinyl24,00
LPShocking BlueGood Times  Music On Vinyl25,00
LPShocking BlueLive In Japan  Music On Vinyl, coloured vinyl25,00
LPShocking BlueSame  Music On Vinyl, blue vinyl25,00
LPShocking BlueSingle Collection (A's & B's) Part 1  Music On Vinyl, 2-LP, blue vinyl30,00
LPSigmund Snopek IIIVirginia Woolf  Comet Records, 2-LP27,00
LPSinisterThe Silent Howling  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 350 copies30,00
LPSitting BullTrip Away  Long Hair25,00
LPSix Feet UnderTorment  Metal Blade records25,00
LPSixty NineCircle Of The Crayfish  Long Hair24,00
LPSkip BiffertySame  Acme records, LP+7" single30,00
LPSky Dee And The DemonsCelebrator  Stupido records20,00
LPSlussenanalysAquila Helvetos Asfaltos  Full Contact records15,00
LPSmashing PumpkinsShiny And So Bright, Vol.1  Napalm records, silver vinyl29,00
LPSnafuLive Nottingham 1976  Sireena30,00
LP(Soft Machine) Karl Jenkins Soft MachineDe Wolfe Sessions  TPM17,00
LPSokea PisteValmiiseen Maailmaan  Ektro records16,00
LPSonicsBusy Body - Live In Tacoma 1964  Norton records15,00
LPSoulflyConquer  Roadrunner records, 2-LP17,00
LPSpacious MindReality Blipcrotch  Countryman Records, 10"22,00
LPSpannLet The Hell Hang  RD records, blues rock25,00
LPSpedding, ChrisJust Plug Him In !  Fan Club13,00
LPSpringsteen, BruceChapter And Verse  Columbia, 2-LP25,00
LPStasi ComboReptile Bestial Twist Wail   12,00
LPStatus QuoBack2SQ1 - Live At 02 Academy Glasgow  Fourth Chord records, 2-LP24,00
LPStatus QuoDon't Stop  Demon records, 2-LP30,00
LPStatus QuoThe Last Night Of The Electrics  Ear music, 3-LP28,00
LPStatus QuoThe Party Ain't Over Yet  Demon records, 2-LP30,00
LPSteamhammerMk II  Repertoire18,00
LPSteamhammerMountains  Repertoire19,00
LPSteamhammerSame  Repertoire19,00
LPSteel MammothRadiation Funeral  Full Contact records15,00
LPStone The CrowsSame  BGO records25,00
LPStranglersAural Sculpture  Music On Vinyl, 2-LP25,00
LPStratovariusDarkest Hours  Ear music, M-LP13,00
LPStratovariusSame (2005)  Sanctuary, picture disc25,00
LPStraySame  Music On Vinyl, silver vinyl26,00
LPSuicidal TendenciesControlled By Hatred/Feel Like Shit...Deva-Vu  Music On Vinyl24,00
LPSweetDesolation Boulevard  RCA24,00
LPSweetFanny Adams  RCA24,00
LPSweetGive Us a Wink  RCA24,00
LPSweetHits  Let Them Eat Vinyl25,00
LPSweetLive At The Marquee 1986  Let Them Eat Vinyl, 2-LP, white vinyl27,00
LPSweetSweetlife  Let Then Eat Vinyl, blue vinyl25,00
LPSweetThe Answer  Let Them Eat Vinyl, 2-LP27,00
LPSymphony XIconoclast  Nuclear Blast, 2-LP42,00
LPSymphony XUnderworld  Nuclear Blast, 2-LP, clear vinyl22,00
LPT. RexBorn To Boogie  Demon records, 2-LP, coloured vinyl39,00
LPT. RexDandy In The Underworld  Demon records22,00
LPT. RexElectric Jewels  Get Back15,00
LPT. RexI Danced Myself Out of..  Get Back, 2-LP30,00
LPT. RexLife's a Gas - The Electric Boogie  DJB, yellow vinyl28,00
LPT. RexTanx  Get Back, picture disc20,00
LPT. RexZinc Alloy And The Hidden Riders...  Demon records22,00
LP(T. Rex) Bolan, MarcHard On Love  Castle, w/7" single25,00
LP(T. Rex) Bolan, MarcThe Electric Boogie - Volume 1  Easy Action22,00
LP(T. Rex) Tyrannosaurus RexA Beard Of Stars  A & M, 2-LP30,00
LP(T. Rex) Tyrannosaurus RexA Crown Of Dark Swansdown  Easy Action28,00
LPT.H.C. WitchfieldSleepless  Black Widow22,00
LPTalking HeadsThe Boston Tea Party - 1979 Broadcasts  Let Them Eat Vinyl, clear vinyl, 2-LP30,00
LPTangentProxy  Insideout, LP+CD25,00
LPTangentThe Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery  Insideout, 2-LP + CD25,00
LPTasteLive Taste  Music On Vinyl22,00
LPTaylesWho Are These Guys ?  Akarma, 2-LP22,00
LPTeenage LesbiansBlack Dress Day  LSB, ltd 300 copies13,00
LPTelegraph AvenueSame  Get Back/Munster15,00
LPTelevisioSame  Full Contact records14,00
LPTestamentSouls Of Black  Music On Vinyl24,00
LPTestamentThe Gathering  Nuclear Blast24,00
LPTherapy?Nurse  Music On Vinyl25,00
LPTherionLes Epaves  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 10" shaped M-LP39,00
LPThors HammerSame   30,00
LPThunderStage  Ear music, 3-LP30,00
LPThunders, JohnnyIn Cold Blood  Munster, 2x10"24,00
LPTiger B. SmithWe're The Tiger Bunch  Long Hair24,00
LPTigertailzKnives  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 250 copies25,00
LPTitus GroanSame  Music On Vinyl24,00
LPTNTXIII  Frontiers records29,00
LPToiling MidgetsA Smaller Life  Full Contact records, 2-LP20,00
LPToiling MidgetsLive At The Old Waldorf 1982  Full Contact records15,00
LPTokyo BladeGenghis Khan Killers  HR recoirds, 2-LP30,00
LPTransatlanticThe Whirlwind  Insideout, 2-LP + CD25,00
LPTravers, PatRetro Rocket  Purple Pyramid records24,00
LPTravis, TheoSlow Life  Tonefloat, 2-LP, ltd 500 copies35,00
LPTrädenSame  Subliminal Sounds, 2-LP35,00
LPTwinkFrom The Vaults  Get Back15,00
LPTwisted SisterStay Hungry  Atlantic, pink vinyl, poster28,00
LPTwisted SisterStay Hungry  Music On Vinyl, white/black vinyl, numbered20,00
LP(Twisted Sister) Dee SniderFor The Love Of Metal  Napalm records25,00
LPTygers Of Pan TangNoises From The Cathouse  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 2-LP, ltd 50030,00
LPTygers Of Pan TangThe Crazy Nights Sessions  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, M-LP, ltd 350 copies19,00
LPType O NegativeBloody Kisses  Music On Vinyl, 2-LP30,00
LPU.D.O.Faceless World  AFM records, 2-LP24,00
LPU.D.O.Timebomb  AFM records24,00
LPUFOA Conspiracy Of Stars  Steamhammer, 2-LP30,00
LPUFOUFO 1  Repertoire18,00
LPUFOUFO 2 - Flying  Repertoire19,00
LPUltra ViolenceDeflect The Flow  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, yellow vinyl, ltd 25025,00
LPUniversal Totem OrchestraThe Magus  Black Widow records, 2-LP30,00
LPUrban SaxLive In Pori 1984  Full Contact records15,00
LP(Uriah Heep) New Nadir/Me And The OthersUncovered  Feathered Apple, feat. Gary Thain29,00
LPUse Of AshesAlbion Moonlight  Tonefloat, 10"13,00
LPUse Of AshesPink Ashes  Tonefloat, pink vinyl, RSD 201530,00
LPUse Of AshesWhite Nights-Glowing Lights  Tonefloat19,00
LPUse Of AshesWhite Nights: The Hand Of Tzafkiel  Tonefloat20,00
LPUtonUnexplained Objects  Dekorder12,00
LPW.A.S.P.The Best Of The Best  Madfish, 2-LP35,00
LPVaderThe Empire  Nuclear Blast, clear vinyl19,00
LPWakeman, RickLive At Hammersmith  TBG / President Records14,00
LPWalker, Scott + Sunn OSoused  4AD, 2-LP42,00
LPVan HalenTokyo Dome - In Concert  Rhino, 4-LP89,00
LPVandenberg's MoonkingsMK II  Mascot records25,00
LPWarhorseRed Sea  Repertoire22,00
LPWarhorseSame  Repertoire22,00
LPVariousNight 100  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, very limited20,00
LPVariousVill Så Gärna Tro - Want So Much To Believe Vol. 1  Mellotronen, Janne Schaffer, Bob Marley17,00
LPVariousVill Så Gärna Tro - Want So Much To Believe Vol. 2  Mellotronen, Janne Schaffer, Bob Marley17,00
LPWarrior SoulStiff Middle Finger  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 33322,00
LPWaters, RogerIs This The Life We Really Want?  Columbia, 2-LP28,00
LPVaughan, Stevie RayBumbershoot Arts Festival 1985  Let Them Eat Vinyl, 2-LP27,00
LPVaughan, Stevie RayLive At McNichols Arena, Colorado 1989  BB, yellow vinyl20,00
LPVaughan, Stevie RayLive At Tingley Coliseum, New Mexico 1989  BB, yellow vinyl20,00
LPVenomAt War With Satan  Back On Black, 2-LP25,00
LPVenomPossessed  Back On Black, 2-LP25,00
LPVenomStorm The Gates  Spinefarm records, 2-LP29,00
LPWesterlund, JanneBell  Full Contact records17,00
LPWesterlund, JanneMarshland  Full Contact records16,00
LPWesterlund, JanneThere's a Passage  Ektro16,00
LPWhiplashSit Stand Kneel Prey  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 350 copies26,00
LPWhitesnakeThe Purple Tour  Rhino, 2-LP30,00
LPVHKVeled Haraptat Csillagot  Full Contact records16,00
LPVibravoidThe Politics Of Ecstasy  Anazitisi records, purple vinyl35,00
LPVibravoidThe Politics Of Ecstasy  Anazitisi records, blue vinyl35,00
LPWillful NeglectSame  Höhnie records10,00
LPWinter, JohnnyWoodstock, Sunday August 17, 1969  Music On Vinyl, 2-LP29,00
LPVinyl JamSame  Vinyl Jam records15,00
LPVirgin SteeleLife Among The Ruins  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 2-LP, ltd 400 copies39,00
LPVirgin SteeleThe House Of Atreus Act 1 & Act 2  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, 4-LP, ltd 500 copies59,00
LPViscera3/Release Yourself Through Desperate Rituals  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, ltd 25020,00
LPWishbone AshLive At Metropolis  Metropolis30,00
LPWitcheryDon't Fear The Reaper  Night Of The Vinyl Dead, orange vinyl, ltd 35026,00
LPWitchfyndeThe Witching Hour  HR records, coloured vinyl25,00
LPWitchfyndeThe Witching Hour  HR records22,00
LPWithin TemptationResist  Vertigo, 2-LP32,00
LPVivisektio1984  Hohnie records10,00
LPVoivodWar and Pain  Metal Blade records25,00
LPWood, ArtQuiet Melon EP  Lost Moment17,00
LPWood, RoyOne Man Band  Accord record10,00
LPWooden HorseWooden Horse II  Tapestry records20,00
LPWriting On The WallThe Power Of The Picts  Dol20,00
LPWyxmerFeudal Throne  Black Widow20,00
LPX _ XX Sticky Fingers X  Full Contact records16,00
LPYardbirdsDazed And Confused  Repertoire, LP+DVD30,00
LPYesTime And a Word  Friday Music, 180g vinyl30,00
LPYoung, NeilPeace Trail  Reprise25,00
LPYoung, NeilSilver & Gold  Reprise24,00
LPZombie, RobThe Electric Warlock Acid Witch...  Zodiac Swan29,00
LPZombiesBegin Here  Repertoire18,00
LPZombiesRecorded Live At Metropolis Studios, London  Union Square Music, 2-LP35,00
LPZoot Money's Big Roll BandZoot! - Live At Klook's Kleek  Repertoire22,00
LPÖresund Space CollectiveThe Black Tomato  Space Rock productions, 2-LP, numbered35,00

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